Wise Woman


Vibe high beautiful, and know your worth!  My mission is for you to see the importance of your place on the Earth.  Everyone here was sent with a gift.  When you start getting what you LOVE you start LOVING what you live.  Every single woman is worth it to me.  Follow that feeling inside of you, it will set you free.  If we do not look deep to fulfill our purpose or plan.  Start LOVING yourself fully, instead of putting that hope into a man.  If you need LOVE, a little morning church.  Find me on Facebook for my brand new UpBursts!  I want to help lift women up in LOVE.  I want to start groups, and all kinds of clubs.  Each one of us is so different, needing something so much.  Weather it is just a pep talk, or some good Ole Healing Touch!  I LOVE all my women, I look up to each one of you.  I want you to have major confidence, in all that you do.  There is no normal shape, there is not a perfect size.  Each one of us to someone else, is a very special prize.  It may be a man, a woman, child, or dog.  All that matters is you are LOVING life, not just watching it from the log.  Message me, follow me, share me with all your friends.  Women hold a strong vibration, we endure many things, we make amends.  Women are so strong and soft, to ourselves we can be so hard.  It is OK to LOVE yourself, in is normal to let down your gaurd.  First you have to fall in LOVE with you, then go fall in LOVE with all these fools.  Try to let go of expectation, and fall into the now.  Dream of what can happen for you, do not try to figure out how.  Our thoughts, they will create ladies.  Into whatever we feel most.  Find some inspiration.  Learn all the things that you are good at, and then begin to boast.  What you talk upon yourself.  That is what you become.  Do you want to live your dreams, or do you always want to run.  Our thoughts are so powerful and our words and feelings are the fuel.  Meditate, talk to God……that is my favorite tool.  I talk to God daily, moment to moment.  And if I have a problem in me, I just jump right into own it.  Being a woman is beautiful, and I would love to connect.  Message me and tell me what you think, and we will see what happens next!  Wise woman know you are beautiful, you are strong, you are smart, you are kind.  Always Think Up in live and LOVE and you will be just fine!