Self LOVE Reading

This reading is incredible. We are all masculine and feminine energies.  And through vibrational alignment I learned that our life is all about the relationship between the masculine and feminine in us.  I can type this reading out to YOU after for a little extra if YOU wish. 

Vibrational Alignment 1 on 1 Session

These are more private and personal.  Many people just want to work at their own pace from where they are.  We will meet up on a video call.  It will be one hour long.  Prior to the session we will discuss what YOU are wanting to do with the session.  YOU will get a distance vibrational healing session.  And I will give YOU all the tips & tricks to help YOU.  I meet YOU right where YOU are. 

Vibrational Alignment Coaching

Vibrational Alignment is working with the energy centers in YOU. Our vibrations are all so unique.  And our traumas are too! I created my coaching as a safe space to learn all about what is within YOU. I’m going to give YOU tips & tools to get to know your energy… release anything that is holding YOU back from being your best self. This is an 8-week program. We will explore one energy center each week.  And as an added bonus the last week will be about Sacred Sex and how to stay turned on to live and create your best life! We will meet up on a video call one set night per week.  We will have a special private group for anything that comes up along the way. There will be 8 special videos for YOU.  Being in alignment…will teach YOU to flow with the punches.  Everyone gets 2 distance healing sessions.