Come Alive…..


Trust in Divine timing!

Give your fears to the angels.

The LOVE process

LOVE was not always easy for me.  It has taken some work.  I had up walls that were taller than my sight, for many reasons I may never know.  I guarded my heart with all that I had.  For no real particular reason.  I was afraid to fall and be let down.  Just felt as though it just wasn’t my season.  LOVE is something that I have worked on for many years.  Healing up can be a bitch.  But I LOVE the LOVE that I have attracted.  Sometimes LOVE can make you twitch.  Now that I realize that I am creating all that I want for my life.  I am filling up every single space, pure LOVE, all through my life.  Im fully in LOVE with all that I have learned.  I am all the way in LOVE with my people.  I am LOVING the feeling I get sharing the LOVE.  I am that people are seeking.  One little thing that I like to do…. every single day.  I cover my entire self with sparkly green light, immediately after I pray.  That color is LOVE and God gave it to us.. It comes in form of vibration.  Green is the color to fill you with LOVE, LOVE will diminish the hatred.  Wear it in a shirt,eat more in your food.  Green will cover you in Gods LOVE, LOVE will lighten your moon.  In my studies of broke in my heart.  That is where I have come the closest to the Lord.  His LOVE for us can cut the strongest things, His LOVE is a magical mystical sword.  Source sees the best in you, when you really cant.  That gentle guidance is always there, LOVING you as your biggest fan.  Trying to remind you that you are LOVE, trying to remind you of the mission.  If you are living the life that you were meant to live, you will be LOVING what you are living.  Switching to LOVE has changed many things, it has taught me so much about me.  When you learn the things that you LOVE, then do them, you will feel so free.  LOVE is the feeling, green is the color.  Live more in LOVE, and LOVE you will discover ❤

Happy attracts happy!

Wanna get happy from your do do. Find something to be happy about, live in that for a few! Raising your vibes will attract great things in your life. Vibes all the way up, eliminates strife!

Being nice

Being nice is a gift at times, but it can feel at times a curse. You have to set up boundaries, or you’ll end up at the nurse. Most illness is self created, from stresses we hold on our minds. Being nice with boundaries, will bring you much surprise. You get more bee’s with sugar. And the beasts they know there stuff. Being nice is a good way to attract a good tribe. That’s how we do it here at Always Think Up #benice #meangirl #bully #itseasy #startlittle #compliment #healing #love #practice #train



We all get major pathways out here, but are we coming or going?  Who is right and who is wrong. Thinking Up IS knowing!  We have free will, and I firmly believe that we choose. Which way it is that we want to come and go, who will be around for very long, and all the ones we LOVE and lose.  Your very same major mistake, could be something that tremendously helped another grow.  When I say that we are connected.  I only share this to help you know.  Everyone is effected by what everyone else is thinking, feeling, and seeing.  Life can be quite beautiful, try your best to see the unique LOVE in every being.  The very word mistake, is a game that we all have learned to play.  Even the most perfect person, I bet you made a simple mistake today.  Who is the judge of our wrongs, and who holds the key to the scale.  I have learned in healing, it is through LOVE that we all prevail.  There is not one single one of us, who is better than the next.  But we were all created equal in LOVE.  More positivity, better creativity, more LOVE in the now!  When it is ONLY LOVE that we expect.  Always Think Up is so many things, but a place that I like to frequent.  Its is like jumping into the wave, where miracles were never a secret.  An abundance of knowledge, tons of LOVE, major light!  I have no idea where we are going, but I can tell you all “it feels so right!” I don’t think there is anything wrong, with changing your path as many times as you see fit.  How do you know if something is for you, until you actually get to experience it.  Quit listing to her, to him, or to them.  Go with the feeling, that you feel deep down in.  That place right there, your inner self.  That is your special place.  The place where you can quickly come to God and feel safe.  The feelings that we feel, they all mean something.  Go with that feeling that the inside of you brings.  When something out here does not feel so good.  Learn what you need from that, and just be thankful for the brain food.  Then right when you accept that one silly thing and move on.  Give thanks in the morning, then give thanks again at dawn.  Do you very best to enjoy all your now’s.  Keep your vibes high!  Create abundance, YOU are in control of the wand.  I love to inspire!  I LOVE to create.  Thank you for all of the LOVE.  LOVE will always motivate!  Your path is your path, and that is all for you.  The mistakes we make, think of those as clues.  Just remember to Always Think Up, LOVE is all we need to do.

Wanna know the Secret?

I’m talking about the secret to feeling good, and Im telling you I think I am on to something.  I have completely transformed my life, by focusing more on my thoughts.  It has taken me a long time.  Now that I feel like I figured it out, it seems so simple.  So I just want to share with you all, what took me about 10 years to figure out.

This is the Secret to feel really really great!

  1. When you feel GOOD – Talk more
  2. When you don’t feel GOOD – Talk less

First it is perfectly great to feel good and share that with people.  Some people out here think that it is not right to be out here talking about feeling so good when others are suffering.  Sharing LOVE and light can only ripple off to others, that all are deserving of this LOVE and light!

Everything that happens to you that is bad, you bring that to yourself with your very own thoughts.  The lesson is to learn in the bad to switch that negative emotion to a positive emotion, inside of you.  Even if you have to think off to something that isn’t even true.  Some magical mystical place that you made up in your head to escape the bad that you are feeling.  We all feel bad emotions.  The difference lies in the way that we get free from that terrible feeling so deep.  Some folks get mad at me, and some just already know what to expect.  But I WILL NOT roll in the do do with you!  If I have folks that are rolling in the do do, I will first offer up some LOVE.  Try to change up the conversation.  If that dont work, I’m out y’all!  I don’t have time to sit around and soak up anyone’s do do.  Life is very rough, and I see so many people going through so many different hurts.  Folks don’t feel noticed.  Feeling so alone or lost in the daily struggles that they face.  Sometimes it is so easy to experience a hurt or loss, and forget about all the LOVE that is surrounding you.  Because most of my clients and all of my friends.  Really I can say that each and every single person that I know does have at least 3 things that they can say that they are absolutely in LOVE with about their lives.  How do I know this?  I ask people.  I want to show you all that in my life: I say it, I mean it, and I get it!   I will not sit around and talk lack or sickness with you.  To a certain point yes.  But then I gotta really kick in who I am and the way that my brain functions for the Laws of Attraction to be so real in my life.  I don’t run from my problems anymore.  Because I have learned that they will follow you around taking many different faces.  I don’t get mad anymore, I kindly walk away….look back and make sure I tell everyone in the do do how much that I LOVE LOVE LOVE them ❤ If I come back and they are still in the do do, I try again, walk away and give out major LOVE.  **No one can really ever be wrong.  So you did some bad shit,  or some wrong shit, or some against the grain shit.  Who cares!  How do you know if you don’t test to find balance.  One thing I do know is positive energy can move negative energy away for sure.  I think of feeling as a great clarification session.  I believe that even anger comes from our inner selves guys.  Because it is better than hurt it is better than despair. Our inner self is trying to show us that it is our Best Friend, main support system, never ending LOVE source!  I feel that is where we are connected to God guys, from the inside.  In how we feel we see how we are thinking.  When you think a think, you plant seeds in a wink. But in human behavior we tend to mimic each other.  I’m not talking about mimicking me, I’m talking about reaching with in YOU and finding your Guide from with in.   It is ALWAYS for the GOOD IN YOU!  That is why I say ground and center…….DON’T MIMIC —- Be INSPIRED to it ❤