Happy 1st Birthday Always Think Up!

I LOVE you all and I am so very thankful… my words could never really describe… but you all mean the most to me …you deserve to hear it…so I will give it my very best try.  Always Think Up started this week ..just only ONE year ago.  All I do is pump out LOVE… and this tribe just continues to grow.  This stuff is for everyone….but everyone is exactly where they need to be.  I wasn’t able to pump out LOVE this way…when I wasn’t fully in LOVE with me… I LOVE you all of you, I cherish every bond.  Thank you for helping me prove to myself that sending out that 528Hz was like having a magic wand.  Even if you bumped up into me.. you helped me learn more about myself…. At the end of this year and the start of the next… My conclusion is… doesn’t matter what anything thinks of the ways you LOVE and cherish yourself…. The feelings deep inside are sacred… people take what they can grab… but they can not take the things that you will not let them have… having power in life is awesome… having power in LOVE is special… The LOVE I learned that it all comes from… is more than any unit of measure…

I have so many fun things in the works…. today I really just  broke free from the matrix… I have decided that my time is mine…I pump out too much LOVE and take steps in pure FAITH… thats how I am convinced that on the road of peace is where I will make it… This was something I wanted to do a year ago… maybe the past 5 if you really want to say… That is why I am sharing this all with you….people need other people… to grow and to pray… I got this deep drive down in the inside… to keep pumping out all of this LOVE… I have made so many friends, connections, and bonds….I have now made high vibration connections all over the world… and its all just LOVE…This tribe right here at Always Think Up gives me encouragement in every single way… to be my very best… and stay strong.. April 7th is the actual birthday…… We have talked about so very much… and there is still so much greatness to share and create… I LOVE the way we teach and grow… I LOVE the way we find the LOVE in hate.. Thank you all so much… I cant wait for all that is to come… Please know that even when I get busy… I am always sending LOVE out to everyone!  I LOVE you and I honor you…. I just want to see you fully embrace loving yourself… Please always know that I am right here… if you are ever needing any help….


Divine Time


When I tell you we are all connected, I tell you from my heart.  Every single one of us can feel this way, all of our energy plays a part.  We are so connected, sometimes we feel it as our pain.  Or as someone else’s thought, racing through your brain.  This is hard to wrap your mind around.  Its so deep and so divine.  God is so close to everyone of us, He is connected to our mind.  Your Spirit knows who you are, and that you are most great…Always there just cheering you on….encouraging all the LOVE to take place…Free will was something greater than… just free will to speak and live.  We have absolute free will in the thoughts that our minds give.  Meditation and prayer are powerful.  I practice most everyday.  Don’t let the words get you, talk up only what you want, make it fun…. do it as play.  The prayer is when you are asking, your looking for some Truth.  In meditation, you get your answer.  Its very subtle proof.  You can be real basic…or you can get down real deep… Prayer is something I do way more, than before I fall asleep…I LOVE to pray with my daughter….teach her how I like to connect…There is something way better than us out here…. She has to know why its always miracles that I expect.  I’m not looking to change anyone.  I honor all religion.  I also know that God is so gracious, that He will just come straight to you the way your livin….I am nothing major out here….with out tapping into this energy deep inside of me. It let me know how great I am….it helped me set my mistakes free…. Its a feeling of comfort for everything that I have experienced…It is more than just feeling what is right… it is the most magical thing to learn to hear it… I Always Think Up daily….grateful for all that is good.  I ask Papa sincerely…. to provide all of the hungry with food… I pray for all the homeless…anyone who feels left out and alone… I pray that we learn to lean up to God, and please quit creating these clones… I pray for everyone to learn how to get inside… there is magic inside of you….I pray that you can feel how connected we are….and how you create with the thoughts in your mind.  We were meant to be great!  We were all created with these particles….YOU are supposed to LOVE your life…. I want all your pathways to sparkle… Please know that you are perfect, just the way you are… know that there is more for you….and you dont have to go far. Know that energy is real…Pay attention to your nows… If you are asking questions….the nows will answer you with wow!  I dont know how to explain it….prayer and meditation have changed my life… I can send a question out from anywhere, and it gets me so hype!

The LOVE process

LOVE was not always easy for me.  It has taken some work.  I had up walls that were taller than my sight, for many reasons I may never know.  I guarded my heart with all that I had.  For no real particular reason.  I was afraid to fall and be let down.  Just felt as though it just wasn’t my season.  LOVE is something that I have worked on for many years.  Healing up can be a bitch.  But I LOVE the LOVE that I have attracted.  Sometimes LOVE can make you twitch.  Now that I realize that I am creating all that I want for my life.  I am filling up every single space, pure LOVE, all through my life.  Im fully in LOVE with all that I have learned.  I am all the way in LOVE with my people.  I am LOVING the feeling I get sharing the LOVE.  I am that people are seeking.  One little thing that I like to do…. every single day.  I cover my entire self with sparkly green light, immediately after I pray.  That color is LOVE and God gave it to us.. It comes in form of vibration.  Green is the color to fill you with LOVE, LOVE will diminish the hatred.  Wear it in a shirt,eat more in your food.  Green will cover you in Gods LOVE, LOVE will lighten your moon.  In my studies of broke in my heart.  That is where I have come the closest to the Lord.  His LOVE for us can cut the strongest things, His LOVE is a magical mystical sword.  Source sees the best in you, when you really cant.  That gentle guidance is always there, LOVING you as your biggest fan.  Trying to remind you that you are LOVE, trying to remind you of the mission.  If you are living the life that you were meant to live, you will be LOVING what you are living.  Switching to LOVE has changed many things, it has taught me so much about me.  When you learn the things that you LOVE, then do them, you will feel so free.  LOVE is the feeling, green is the color.  Live more in LOVE, and LOVE you will discover ❤

Happy attracts happy!

Wanna get happy from your do do. Find something to be happy about, live in that for a few! Raising your vibes will attract great things in your life. Vibes all the way up, eliminates strife!

Being nice

Being nice is a gift at times, but it can feel at times a curse. You have to set up boundaries, or you’ll end up at the nurse. Most illness is self created, from stresses we hold on our minds. Being nice with boundaries, will bring you much surprise. You get more bee’s with sugar. And the beasts they know there stuff. Being nice is a good way to attract a good tribe. That’s how we do it here at Always Think Up #benice #meangirl #bully #itseasy #startlittle #compliment #healing #love #practice #train



We all get major pathways out here, but are we coming or going?  Who is right and who is wrong. Thinking Up IS knowing!  We have free will, and I firmly believe that we choose. Which way it is that we want to come and go, who will be around for very long, and all the ones we LOVE and lose.  Your very same major mistake, could be something that tremendously helped another grow.  When I say that we are connected.  I only share this to help you know.  Everyone is effected by what everyone else is thinking, feeling, and seeing.  Life can be quite beautiful, try your best to see the unique LOVE in every being.  The very word mistake, is a game that we all have learned to play.  Even the most perfect person, I bet you made a simple mistake today.  Who is the judge of our wrongs, and who holds the key to the scale.  I have learned in healing, it is through LOVE that we all prevail.  There is not one single one of us, who is better than the next.  But we were all created equal in LOVE.  More positivity, better creativity, more LOVE in the now!  When it is ONLY LOVE that we expect.  Always Think Up is so many things, but a place that I like to frequent.  Its is like jumping into the wave, where miracles were never a secret.  An abundance of knowledge, tons of LOVE, major light!  I have no idea where we are going, but I can tell you all “it feels so right!” I don’t think there is anything wrong, with changing your path as many times as you see fit.  How do you know if something is for you, until you actually get to experience it.  Quit listing to her, to him, or to them.  Go with the feeling, that you feel deep down in.  That place right there, your inner self.  That is your special place.  The place where you can quickly come to God and feel safe.  The feelings that we feel, they all mean something.  Go with that feeling that the inside of you brings.  When something out here does not feel so good.  Learn what you need from that, and just be thankful for the brain food.  Then right when you accept that one silly thing and move on.  Give thanks in the morning, then give thanks again at dawn.  Do you very best to enjoy all your now’s.  Keep your vibes high!  Create abundance, YOU are in control of the wand.  I love to inspire!  I LOVE to create.  Thank you for all of the LOVE.  LOVE will always motivate!  Your path is your path, and that is all for you.  The mistakes we make, think of those as clues.  Just remember to Always Think Up, LOVE is all we need to do.