Help the Helpers

This is for my brothers and sisters of the light….the folks out here raising the vibes high, spreading the LOVE…. I have thrown myself into some tricky work in the past 10 years.  And I had no idea what any of it was for or who I was.  Now looking back on the times that I have had… The whole entire time it was an energetic shove.  Nothing really made sense… I didnt feel any direction.  And when folks would get to asking me my plans, I would get to stressing.  Every thing has meaning in life…. there are many lessons.    Follow what you feel inside… learn to pay attention.  Out here being a helper, there are very many ways.  But the energy is the most real… and when you are feeling bad….guess what it stayed.  I want to help teach you to clear the energy….get balanced, and root into your purpose.  You are very needed out here.  To me all the helpers are the most worth it.  It takes a special person, to inspire all the time.  To be giving LOVE, and trying to help…you can lose some of your drive.  Then the folks you help, only get parts of you, they dont get all they could have.  Low energy can feel real bad… I want to teach you of energy, and how it effects you in your field.  I want to Help the Helpers out here…to me you all are the biggest deal!