Root Chakra

This is an energetic space…. So it is much bigger than just the bottom of the spine… You can put your roots into the ground from here… get involved in nature, find your purpose is most divine…This is no way no how witchcraft….This is energy at its finest…. God gave us so much to learn from… the Him in me is guiding this…we were meant to be great… and this space right here is where you want to start.  The energy of the body is like a work of art.  If you can balance your energy you can heal  from so much dis-ease.. We are the creators of this life… not just here to flow with the breeze…. I LOVE you LOVE you all of you…yes thoughts they do create….if healing is what you are looking for out here….please just start at the base.  God created the Earth.  And created roots for the connect.  God created our reproductive systems, and the energy we feel for sex.  God created Chakras, as an energetic guide….what is going on in your outside world.  Is just a reflection of the energy inside….You can heal from anything, its just how much are you going to give… healing doesn’t just happen….you have to learn from the mistakes that you have lived.  It is OK to make mistakes… everybody does… It is how you learn from them… and live the fixed mistake in LOVE…. Thank you thank you everyone… for reaching out to understand….I LOVE talking Chakra….I LOVE balance on the land ❤

1st Chakra



Earth Element

Psychology – survival, grounding, reality, security, support, sexuality, courage

Emotions – Passion

Glands – Adrenals

Bodily Manifestation – spine(chi, or life force), legs, feet, bones, teeth, large intestines, prostate, anus/rectum, bladder, Blood, Circulation, Tailbone

Signs of Balance – Grounded, secure, safe, content

Symptoms of imbalance – Ungrounded, unclear of purpose, fearful, insecure, confused

Physical Ailments – Anemia, Fatigue, Obesity, (Hemorrhoids, Constipation), Colds, Body Temperature, bladder infection, Hemoglobin, Sciatic Nerve, numbness


Healing Herbs – Dandelion, Comfrey Leaf, Red Raspberry Leaf, Marshmallow, Oatstraw

Essential Oils that balance – Angelica Root, Benzoin, Cedarwood, Frankincense, Myrrh, Oakmoss, Patchouli, Spikenard, Vetiver

Crystals – Bloodstone, Garnet, Red Agate, Red Aventurine, Red Jasper, Red Tigers Eye, Ruby,

Meditations –,,,  OR you can just sink some roots up into the ground from the base of your spine or the bottom of your feet….. Ground and center….ground and center….ground and center….thats a good way to start LOVING YOU!

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