Worth every tear

Today I cried the most beautiful tears, so much was involved in this process... I was raised to suck it up and be strong, but they were just flowing with no way for me to stop it.. They were a mix of sadness, anger, fear, disappointment in self, unsure of all that is coming up … Continue reading Worth every tear

Full moon LOVIN

Last night the moon showed her beautiful face.. right before it was time for me to go in...we had a wonderful conversation.. just her and I and a few stars.. they want us all to realize the true power is within.. she let me know I’m thinking too much, and that’s ok as long as … Continue reading Full moon LOVIN

Dream a dream

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Together I want us to dream a dream of LOVE. Breathing in the light.. breathing out the things that make YOU energetically heavy. Call in your team, the highest vibrational beings from above. Dreaming a dream never hurt anyone. In fact it's the creator of their … Continue reading Dream a dream


I believe in God.. I believe that God is LOVE.. I believe that only LOVE is real. I believe that LOVE is energy. I believe prayer is LOVE energy. I believe LOVE knows better than us what NEEDS to happen. I believe if we all just pray unconditional LOVE over everything.. that’s how things sort … Continue reading LOVE>fear

Feel it

Take a deep breath in your nose and out your mouth. Take a few more, let the spirit move through YOU... Our breath is connected right to the Divine... Just let your soul do what it do. This womb healing is inevitable, the planet is pushing. Do YOU feel the rush deep within? What is … Continue reading Feel it

That Beautiful Heart

Won't YOU take a journey with me. To the most magical place off Earth. Its a beautiful and lush green space. Where YOU cant seem just yet to be able to match it up with the words. The feels are so real in here. YOU feel the air, YOU feel pure light, YOU feel forgiveness … Continue reading That Beautiful Heart

Divine Union within Self

The divine masculine and feminine in YOU is wanting to merge.. that is the fight that YOU feel!! If this designates with YOU .. YOU are the leader in charge of all the self work that YOU do to really heal... heal the hurt heal the pain.. heal the fear.. wash it away with the … Continue reading Divine Union within Self

Its a Journey

We were created in Gods perfect image... then tainted by energy tucked deep down... None of this was anyones fault.. And the golden Unconditional LOVE is alway around. There is a war between fear and LOVE.. they try to get us to worry so much that we can't find our peace.. But Peace and LOVE … Continue reading Its a Journey

The Perfect Storm

The perfect LOVE story isn't about a woman and a man… well it can be but first YOU must LOVE YOU the best way that YOU can.  We attract that of which we vibrate and sometimes that shit can hurt. When we dig into all the feels we can really start to feel our true … Continue reading The Perfect Storm

Dear King

Dear Masculine, sweet King, the strength, the sun! I see the LOVE in that heart. I see all the hurt YOU are trying to overcome. I had a horrific dream, but it means YOU getting involved in your feelings. I know this isn't easy to YOU but trust me feeling is healing.  In my dream, … Continue reading Dear King