Full moon LOVIN

Last night the moon showed her beautiful face.. right before it was time for me to go in…we had a wonderful conversation.. just her and I and a few stars.. they want us all to realize the true power is within.. she let me know I’m thinking too much, and that’s ok as long as I remember to tune into my heart.. she let me know she was illuminating things.. to help me propel forward with the life I’m creating, in the name of LOVE, she confirmed that’s the truest art! Clearing out and balancing the root, to let go and make room for all your dreams.. balancing out that sacral, the storage center for all the feelings..when YOU do those two things YOU feel your power rise! YOU totally feel like YOU CAN! With your personal power that’s inside.. put your hand on your heart breath and feel it live.. tune into all YOU are.. your hearts desires.. want a YOU to live in LOVE like the kids.. then we get to that beautiful throat.. the place where we speak our hearts desires to life. The 3rd eye gives YOU the visions.. there is no wrong or right. At the crown we are connected. To the most divine..we are ever supported.. the trick here is to keep your vibes up high!! The energetic body needs to be ligned up.. ahhhh sweet alignment.. energy is ever flowing.. but as YOU start to learn about YOU.. The better YOU relate to your inner knowing. She let me know it does feel crazy sometimes.. feels like YOU are on some wild ride.. YOU could feel like a fool! But true trust and faith… comes in slowly as YOU release all self control.. we as humans don’t realize we do this.. it seems logical.. like if YOU don’t your not responsible.. but letting go of the things that don’t serve your soul.. and tuning into divine greatness.. is that’s what makes us unstoppable. God, source, great spirit, the Universe… LOVES US more than we LOVE our own children. And unconditional LOVE for us and our hearts desires.. doesn’t give up when we lose sight of our most divine visions. Always pushing us to see our greatness.. may YOU always feel divinely inspired.. putting the lessons where YOU can get em. YOU are spirit that gets to live out human form.. creating the best life YOU can is your divine mission… there’s a giant reason that YOU were born.. thank YOU I LOVE YOU God Source! YOU know this isn’t easy! But boy oh boy is it so worth it.. i live it so no matter who believes me! Thank YOU for guidance, thank YOU for inspiration, thank YOU for strength!!! I LIVE YOU and I honor YOU.. our conversation last night was so much greatness.. so I give THANKS.. let go of all that doesn’t feel good in LOVE! No judgments .. straight compassion.. tune into the visions in your mind.. feel it with your whole heart.. speak it to make it happen ..

Dream a dream

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Together I want us to dream a dream of LOVE. Breathing in the light.. breathing out the things that make YOU energetically heavy. Call in your team, the highest vibrational beings from above.

Dreaming a dream never hurt anyone. In fact it’s the creator of their reality. The things that YOU think of really matter. All of the unknown and unseen…are YOU dreaming dreams of bliss.. pure LOVE? Or are the dreams your dreaming chaos and tragedy?

Don’t be afraid to dream sweet LOVE… this was a precious gift given to YOU to use. YOU dream your dream….see it it your minds eye… let your imagination run loose..drop it down into your heart space..feel it all… let it make YOU so warm…now with your hearts desires.. your dream holds the essence of YOU…Speak that dream out to the world. YOU can start small and say it out loud .. just to self. But speaking that vibration out of your mouth.. sends ripples into the 3D.. We do create it all… or connections, our experiences, our inner peace, even our health.

What do YOU think about.. YOU are the master of your temple. Can YOU think past what YOU see.. and create your own version of life.. it really is quite simple! Cut people off for a while.. clear out any clutter..learn to LOVE yourself fully .. get to know the things about YOU.. that YOU have been too busy to discover. Slow down a little while. Let all your dreams come to Life… YOU can create whatever it is that YOU want.. YOU can never get it wrong.. cause YOU can leave what didn’t feel good.. and take all that felt so right. Our feelings inside are indicators.. if our desires are ligned up with our soul.. when they are it’s a perfect flow.. when they aren’t in line.. your feelings will show..

Dream BIG! Or dream simple.. It’s an ever moving ever changing flow.. with your roots deep in the earth.. the breath of life can make YOU so flexible. Sometimes YOU don’t quite know how YOU will make it to that dream. But that’s not your load to bear. YOU send out the dreams .. connected to the desires in your heart.. your only job to do is let your voice begin to sing.

We put out bad vibrations unintentionally. Our egos trying hard to keep our hearts safe. We don’t need help.. we’re independent!! We don’t like too many people in our space. We find it hard to trust in others.. cause in the past we have got let down. We’re not going to put our hearts all in.. we tried it before and didn’t like how it went down. Only LOVE is real YOU see.. every excuse is out of line with LOVE. Be mindful of the vibrations YOU put out to the world.. YOU really can have anything YOU want.

Finding what YOU really want between all YOU have seen, and felt, and what YOU desire. That’s the work.. and most times we need to energetically clear our space to find our dream.. your never too late.. your dream will never expire.

Dare to dream your dream. Your heart is beautiful.. YOU sure do deserve it. No matter what YOU have done or been through.. YOU hold a special dream and your soul has a special purpose! We were made to have lives that we loved.. but we all got caught in a web of lies. Falling in LOVE with all of YOU helps YOU to energetically see why it’s so important to being your dreams to life..

This is an ever unfolding process.. but LOVE is here to help YOU every step of the way.. YOU are dreaming when YOU talk to other people or yourself.. YOU are planting little seeds of your dream with every single thing.. that YOU speak, feel, and say!

Dare to dream big! Dare to take it even bigger. Then dare to release some things and change it around.. know that dreams can never be lost.. if it feels like that go into that beautiful heart and feel around!

Have trust.. big faith! In what YOU feel in these words. YOU didn’t find this article by anything but divine coincidence.. YOU will never fully know unless YOU try.. retraining your brain to think up and past things.. takes much self discipline!!! YOU are a spark of creation .. here to create, YOU brought your soul tools, to create a beautiful life. Heaven on Earth to me is a place where people feel their unique inner peace.. after they release all their own vibrational strife. Give it to the Earth YOU see.. she’s a master at recycling vibrations.. how YOU help in turning all the fears to LOVE… make LOVE in all the things YOU are thinking, feeling, and saying..

Tomorrow is the 1111 portal.. if YOU have never done this before.. right NOW is a great time to start.. D.R.E.A.M. a little dream.. covered in the essence of the desires of Your heart!! Take 30 days straight to speak LOVE in your life.. in any way that comes up.. no one else can do this for YOU.. Your thoughts, feelings, and words .. fill up your cup! That cup is your creation.. I send YOU all so much LOVE! Remember always YOU are surrounded with LOVE! All the highest vibrations of LOVE from up above!!


I believe in God.. I believe that God is LOVE.. I believe that only LOVE is real. I believe that LOVE is energy. I believe prayer is LOVE energy. I believe LOVE knows better than us what NEEDS to happen.

I believe if we all just pray unconditional LOVE over everything.. that’s how things sort out.. for the highest good for all.

I believe fear is an illusion.. I believe in order for us to see through the illusions.. we must SEE hem first.. take notice.. when we see it.. we send unconditional pink love with all the LOVE in our hearts.. speak LOVE from our throat/voice/words…

I believe that is how we break down these fears.. within us first.. then vibrationally others will follow.. as within so with out.. I KNOW doing this doesn’t always feel so easy. I know this LOVE vibration is trying to show YOU how to LOVE YOU to make it easier. I know the illusions are easy to get caught up in

I believe us as people complicate it to fit us. I know the truth. And it’s simple.. LOVE YOUrself.. LOVE everyone else…We have no control over anything. Divine order and timing are at play every moment of everyday.. if it hurts..give LOVE…if it feels great…give LOVE…if they are mean …give LOVE…if they are fake …give LOVE…if they lie …give LOVE..if they fuck up …give LOVE…if YOU hurt give LOVE..if YOU feel great ..give LOVE…if YOU are mean…give LOVE…if YOU are fake…give LOVE…if you lie …give LOVE…if YOU fuck up …give LOVE…

It can seem too simple at times.. like more needs done… but I’m tellin YOU I’m tellin YOU just give LOVE we are all ONE

#speakit #truthisLOVE #GODisLOVE #selfLOVE #unconditionalLOVE #buildingbridges

Feel it

Take a deep breath in your nose and out your mouth. Take a few more, let the spirit move through YOU… Our breath is connected right to the Divine… Just let your soul do what it do. This womb healing is inevitable, the planet is pushing. Do YOU feel the rush deep within? What is coming to YOU, what is making YOU feel. And when YOU feel all that what do YOU do how do YOU swim? The sacral chakra is the orange, right above the red. First YOU must root it all in….ground into the gold and take it up over your head. Surround yourself in protection, the purest divine LOVE. Then imagine that orange that is coming through… The color carries the vibration. Put on the 417hz, and write all YOU feel….Primal feelings are clues. We are so programmed not to feel, when we do dont trust it… look at the logic. But the planet is lifting in vibration… things are being revealed so we can work through them in LOVE, that is the ONLY way to stop all this. Your sexuality resides here, so some things might come up. They arent there to hurt or shame YOU… They are there so YOU can face it, feel it, then Always Think Up… Ahhh sweet perspective….. Be thankful that we can collapse the wave. This life is but an illusion… How do YOU feel when YOU make time to create. What do YOU desire in your heart…. Much of that energy is connected to here.. How do YOU feel in your sensual self… YOU can work through it with God personally, in a safe space, no fear! How do YOU feel about procreation, in your body, your mind, and your spirit? What is pleasure to YOU, and how does it feel…. Do YOU feel a union with nature… how do YOU feel in the water. How do YOU feel with being open to others? How do YOU speak on woman sacredness to our daughters. They purposely suppressed us in our sex spaces yall… each and everyone of us. Thats why talking about sex is taboo… Same as in God we trust. We cant cant quite let our human brains wrap around, why keeping our sex sacred is a must. Yes we all make mistakes in the sex space, forgiveness is always, but did YOU learn the lessons… Sacred Sex is sex with God…. And Im out here on a mission… In order to feel this power that is deep within YOU, YOU must be clear of all the other energies… It takes 30 days for a man, and its a lifetime for all of my ladies. Please dont fear, no need to freak out… we are able to clear and disconnect… But we must make a vow with the beloved…To use this power with LOVE. This is the womb space for all, the darkest space… where YOU were fed all the intense feels of your mother…. and her mother and her mother,and the mother before… Do YOU innerstand the depths of the things in this space that will be discovered.. .This is zero point… the past present future… all within the now… Quantum physics tells YOU each moment is a new moment to create… The collapse of the wave is WOW! Inner child work, helps tremendously in this space… Go in and get to know the little YOU… Honor all her feelings… put LOVE on everything little YOU has been through… YOU get a chance to make it different… How different is up to YOU… But YOU can always go back and revisit this place… Imagine more LOVE on it …. this process has to do with the imagination with in YOU… Ahhh the imagination… The third eye is in direct relation to the sacral… In clearing up your sex space….YOU clear up your observer… your God imagination.. The I SEE… that is how in clearing up your sex space…. YOU are setting yourself free… it took me a long time to get this… I have fucked up big then little from time to time… its about facing all of it and feeling it…. Then loving YOU and knowing all is divine… A clear sex space is a powerhouse… Someone so connected it doesn’t matter who believes… It is the deepest knowing that every thought YOU think plants seeds… It is a knowing of feelings are dropping seeds of life….Our thoughts words and actions are like our children… How do YOU feel about taking care of that? Learning about everything YOU feel is priceless… YOU will learn YOU and your sacred energy is worth billions… I LOVE YOU and I honor YOU, more and more and I learn to LOVE me that way… May we all see sex as sacred… and treat it in the most respectful ways… Your energy needs to be strong to grow your hearts desires… YOU will continue to miscarry, when your sex space is fighting a battle… Connect to it to see how it feels…. give it LOVE its your darkness all the shadows.. A huge part of getting to know and LOVE all of YOU is seeing in yourself where YOU feel scattered.. Its all energetic, nothing is personal… its all a beautiful inside lesson… YOU are powerful, it is connected to your sex space… Clear it out to get to know the creator through YOU…. Get rid of the shame by facing it… let the light fill YOU up… after YOU are done cleansing yourself each time, cover yourself in Golden Unconditional LOVE… Sex was meant to be sacred… this is where many got it jacked up and dont want to face it…. Because of the pleasure.. because of the lust…. the unintentional energetic rush takes place… this usually leaves people feeling unbalanced, if the other partner is messing around with their sex… We spread the energy, and spread the energy.. and grow our babies in this space… When YOU mess around in your sex space… YOU can plant your seeds in the vibration of fear, lack, and suspicion… or YOU can clear it up and clean it out… And live from your real hearts desires on this mission.. This gives YOU the power back… that it felt so natural when low to give away… YOU can trust that everything that is meant for YOU will come straight to your face… YOU can grow this faith in the Universe… that will make YOU feel YOU are not from this world… The power is why they hid it like they did… keeping YOU disconnected from our power was the plan all along… Take another deep breath and know YOU can do this… There is zero judgement where YOU have been and what YOU have done… Every breath is a new chance to create… A new chance to believe that YOU are connected as ONE…

Getting YOU strong in your sex space is what I was sent here to do… I LOVE to see folks fired up, YOU can restore the power deep with in YOU..

That Beautiful Heart

Won’t YOU take a journey with me. To the most magical place off Earth. Its a beautiful and lush green space. Where YOU cant seem just yet to be able to match it up with the words. The feels are so real in here. YOU feel the air, YOU feel pure light, YOU feel forgiveness for whatever that was. YOU know everything is in divine timing. YOU feel that all is connected to this Unconditional LOVE.. YOU see the bad used for good. YOU see the good used for bad. YOU know this is all part of the hearts protection. Your beautiful heart knows just what to do. To help YOU trust fully in LOVE and feel safe. It is YOU and YOU in this space. YOU are free to design this place as YOU wish. When I come to this green space in my minds eye.. Each time its different depending on my bliss. Sometimes I have flowers, sometimes water, other times a child is healing, its all a Universal kiss. Sometimes other people are there… Sometimes I go in and it feels heavy. But we are the creators of this beautiful life. This is our heart and we need to give thanks, “Oh Universe THANK YOU for this treasure”! Not only are we carrying in our hearts, the things that specifically happened to us. We are also holding with us, some pretty serious generational heart stuff… There can be things that YOU are familiar with.. and things YOU have never seen before…if YOU have been disconnected from your heart a little while… feel free to take a tour… This is the space of I LOVE….what do YOU LOVE? What makes your heart pound? Where do YOU feel a lack if any in LOVE… Where do YOU feel like YOU are just going round and round? What does all of this mean to YOU… The answers are all in the feels. Remember this is a place where words don’t work… In the feeling is where YOU can clear… Clear by deep breaths, take a deep breath in… let it fill YOU up. Then breath out, imagine that’s all the stuff YOU didn’t need and YOU didn’t want. YOU have always been enough… YOU carried these things thinking it could help YOU be better. But in order to let new things in we must release what no longer serves us… That beautiful heart is a real go getter. LOVE can take YOU places, that your human wished it had the guts to go. So forgive your heart and trust the feels…. your heart is powerful, it knows. Only LOVE is real for real. Fear is a mix of lies and illusions…. Only YOU can feel the LOVE…inside of YOU is where YOU find the best conclusions. Give a thank YOU to this heart space. Let it know, YOU know it has been through the most. But LOVE is a reason to celebrate… what makes YOU happy in your heart? Lets make a toast. Cheers to my beautiful heart. So open and so airy, I know that Unconditional LOVE…can be very very scary. The give and receive is the balance… inside of YOU is where YOU feel to see if its off… In LOVE YOU stand in your power… YOU just LOVE YOU don’t get angry and scoff…. Unconditional LOVE is the realest work. How to learn to LOVE YOU first then go LOVE the world. Staying in your bliss… learning that YOU are working from that little boy or girl. The heart is the best place to do inner child work. It covers it all with Unconditional LOVE. YOU will see through the situations… and see it was all divinely guided from above. First we had to figure out… that the vibration of the planet was changing. Seeing that the works in US no use in complaining. People did this or that depending on the programming they are accustomed. With the subconscious mind really working hard… YOU are either deliberately creating, or just on auto pilot, settling, or adjusting. If YOU could have anything your heart desires, would YOU look at your life a different way… Would YOU make more time to create that… then be able to forget all about it an play… The heart space is just like everything else… past present and future… LOVE it goes on for miles and miles. Some actually believe their hearts deserve torture… Everything YOU have done or experienced in the past, made YOU be a better YOU now… Either YOU are rolling in the doo doo, or YOU are out here LOVING out loud! Everyday is a new day, every breath is a opportunity to recreate. The heart space is the best space… thats where your spirit and your human meet up, that is where magic takes place… I challenge YOU today, to LOVE the world with all YOU got… tune into that beautiful heart.. Let the world see your spark…

I LOVE YOU cause YOU are me, we all come from the greatest of great! The LOVE in my heart cant be angry…those two cant exist at the same exact place… fear or LOVE YOU choose it. YOU can never be too late… What is meant for YOU is all the way yours…. Its up to us to let the divine fate take place… as long as YOU are working on YOU… and learning to LOVE the journey and all the things that YOU find… YOU learn that all out here really is LOVE… and that the songs are right… most don’t get it ….. LOVE is blind…. that doesn’t mean YOU loose yourself to LOVE… the LOVE is to heal and comfort from within… The LOVE for everyone else first comes in self… YOU must LOVE YOU to win!!! I LOVE all the things about YOU, that make YOU different, that set YOU apart… May YOU all learn to have more faith in LOVE… to live a life in LOVE is a true art! I just have all this LOVE pouring out.. I see clearly the things that hurt me were to help me see me… I see that tuning into this Unconditional LOVE, is really setting me free… Your energetic body is really something else.. I recommend YOU tune into every space… if ever YOU feel like YOU need help. All of these places within YOU… YOU need to learn to let your self go there in your sacred seer… when YOU do the work, and see the changes in YOU…. that is the proof… YOU will make YOU a believer… Any dis-ease in the body, starts off at an energetic level… I AM here to be a cheerleader for the divine… there ain’t noo doo dooo that I AM not bold enough to shovel. Once YOU get inside yourself and really get that its all YOU and the Universal Laws… YOU figure out there is mighty power right behind all the old nasty flaws… Created in the likeliness and image of God…. My goodness does it get better than that… Forgiveness of self, with the deepest LOVE is where I see most people fall off track… Its OK to forgive yourself… its actually promoted…”forgive without bound” the LOVE vibration is up to keep your self LOVE on track. YOU used to be told not to LOVE yourself that much, it was selfish to do anything but serve… but what do YOU have to give when your cup is empty and everything is getting on your nerves… energy transference is real my friends… so we are getting back what we are subconsciously putting off… That is why I created Always Think Up, it was training my brain to easily process all this stuff… We all hold different fears in our energetic patterns, past down through the ages. Healing happens in layers, many different stages… the only thing that helps is to always LOVE yourself… We can go through a whirl of thoughts all back to back, from many different ages… Feel it in your heart… YOU are so connected to the greatest great… In your heart is the most sacred space…. for a divine partnership to take place… YOU and the creator… learn to never settle for less… always hope for peace… That’s the best Unconditional LOVE lesson…..

I LOVE YOU dearly, especially if YOU took the time… to read this all the way to hear… May YOU LOVE with all YOU have…May it be a joy for YOU to ride the wave of LOVE! LOVE is a journey, twists and turns, so much suspense…. then YOU have the stillness of time… Were YOU actually feel pure LOVE with no ends… No way to cap it off… no way to hold it still… that is the very time to just say “Thank YOU” and feel that energetic chill… that lets YOU know YOU are never alone.. YOU have always been great, created to shine… there is no time like the present to step into the power of YOU… Every step YOU need to take is inside. I LOVE YOU and I honor YOU….. all is connected all is divine… The light and the dark meet at the heart in YOU…. In Unconditional LOVE there is no judgement… no taking sides… Be great my loves….. look at the LOVE in every now… YOU are a big piece of the plan… to bring this LOVE to Earth….. We are lifting up the vibration the best way we can…

Divine Union within Self

The divine masculine and feminine in YOU is wanting to merge.. that is the fight that YOU feel!! If this designates with YOU .. YOU are the leader in charge of all the self work that YOU do to really heal… heal the hurt heal the pain.. heal the fear.. wash it away with the natural rain!! Heal the traumas heal the triggers.. Your spirit is calling YOU to something way bigger.. It’s not anything about the 3D persona… manifesting cars, money, and cribs… it’s deeper the 5d is the spiritual realm!! It’s about really getting it the way that YOU live.. peace, prosperity, abundance!! Experiencing the joys in every NOW… it’s about finding something YOU need to work on in YOU.. and greeting that lesson with a smile.. it’s not about the house and the kids! It’s not about the clothes that YOU wear or your career… it’s really all about this divine masculine and feminine in you meeting in the heart!! And innerstanding we are all connected in the feels.. that energetic body.. so beautiful yet so misunderstood.. I’m so thankful for tapping all the way in.. and sharing how the doo doo is pushing for your greatest good!! The whole entire planet earth and all the stars.. are connected to your kind and heart.. only LOVE is real YOU see…may YOU all live your LOVE as art!! Cheers to YOU for going in deep!! Cheers to YOU for trusting and having faith.. there are miracles occurring all around YOU every NOW moment.. Magic is taking the stage.. YOU are the creator of your experience.. sir and be patient ask God to come to YOU! Ask for understanding when YOU just don’t get it.. be quiet give thanks for the clues.. I always knew that God was super dope.. I always knew it was he and she combined.. what I really never understood was that finding alignment inside of your own self with the most divine.. would bring such a natural high!! I used to LOVE to puff YOU see.. now nothing in life compares to this feeling.. tapping in and turning on to do my work my work for God… raising the vibration of the planet for healing.. is all I ever really needed to do.. I was running circles away from my own self!! I was avoiding and not paying attention to all the signs the divine sent me to help.. all is well there’s a divine design.. YOU are where YOU are because YOU need to be there .. no one can fix us.. no one can do this for us.. we can’t expect others to care.. as YOU learn to care for yourself and self nurture.. YOU will attract those that do the very same.. we are spirits in a human vessel.. to me learning about God always felt like a game.. the pieces to the puzzle all over the world.. answers come from the least expected.. if YOU are feeling low, down, or off.. look in to the places deep inside YOU that are shouting out now.. because they have felt so neglected!! I LOVE you LOVE you all of YOU!! We are all connected.. everything has such a deep purpose… if YOU didn’t know now YOU know.. YOU have always been and always will be so worth it🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

Its a Journey

We were created in Gods perfect image… then tainted by energy tucked deep down… None of this was anyones fault.. And the golden Unconditional LOVE is alway around. There is a war between fear and LOVE.. they try to get us to worry so much that we can’t find our peace.. But Peace and LOVE are our birth right… Yet sometimes the worry can bring us to our knees… Don’t let the world control YOU.. Go to your secret garden…its a special place for YOU… Along the way of the journey ..YOU will feel ups and downs and like YOU have no clue… That is all ok and part of this.. it can be scary finding your true self… Please go inside and ask for signs.. be quiet and see what comes in to help… some of the worst things that happened to me in my life, brought me closer than I could have ever imagine to what LOVE really is… I LOVE to share it with adults… but what I LOVE better is the imagination in our kids… Encourage that imagination.. teach them of their garden.. don’t let anyone program them… LOVE has got momentum now….and it really aint stopping.. The kids are here to teach us.. to remember our true nature… Life is about relating, in the process we must tell some see YOU later! Sometimes YOU will say FUCK, sometimes YOU will wish peace… just always know that Unconditional LOVE is wanting to provide YOU everything YOU need… We gotta ask to get it.. we gotta be open to receive… the give and take will get easier as YOU LOVE YOU better… YOU create all YOU think feel and dream! Dream BIG sweet friends… there is no limit… there is no cap to what YOU can achieve… life is about the journey… and falling in LOVE with every single piece… I LOVE to give thanks for the negatives.. I LOVE to smother them in LOVE… I LOVE that I don’t need to talk to work… I LOVE that we are surrounded from below and above… Two spirits, two wolves…. which one will YOU feed? It is completely up to YOU the steps YOU take and if YOU succeed… I know it can be so very tough.. thats why I send out LOVE to those who can’t see…. I also send LOVE to those who do… Unconditional LOVE it does everything… Don’t go praying amiss… don’t go praying trying to control… LOVE knows exactly what to do… and if its opposite of what YOU were thinking YOU will feel as if YOU have no control… LOVE sees the biggest picture… LOVE wants whats best for everyone… LOVE wants YOU to not take the journey so serious… LOVE is pushing and pulling YOU to have fun… LOVE didn’t give YOU trauma… but it will help YOU see it from a new perspective… LOVE is always there for YOU…Do YOU tune out to that or stay in the doo doo feeling rejected… This mind, body, spirit…..wholeness thing! Can be hard to wrap your mind around… that is why YOU shouldn’t try to figure it out… just be mindful of every NOW! LOVE is God and YOU are LOVE… May YOU feel this power within YOU…. Its ok to feel lost, alone, or afraid…. as long as YOU remember YOU are provided every tool… I LOVE YOU because I LOVE me… I see a world trying to understand… Ask and it is given to YOU…. have faith in the master plan!

The Perfect Storm

The perfect LOVE story isn’t about a woman and a man… well it can be but first YOU must LOVE YOU the best way that YOU can.  We attract that of which we vibrate and sometimes that shit can hurt. When we dig into all the feels we can really start to feel our true natural worth.. All the wordy words never did a thing for me… I can see the energy in all things and let me tell YOU the truth will set YOU free… think of the words like a puzzle… a piece to get YOU to the next.. Don’t hold onto the labels of words that only helps to hold onto all the stress.. Words can only define YOU until YOU get to the next phase.. Then YOU get a whole new set of words to use to set up your new space.  People stay stuck on the words, on the titles, and the labels… not even realizing that the universe is constantly supporting us to clear off the table. Tonight is the new moon… I like to think of it as a time to recreate… let go of all the things that YOU hold onto that feel anything less than great! Your life is a perfect storm… the rain and winds come in to wash out the ick… holding onto the old is the shit that makes the human body sick. Letting go can be rough on the heart, YOU can feel a bit less loving… but the pushes that YOU feel to get it gone from YOU is that universal shoving.. People don’t seem to get me but its ok because my soul is tuned all the way into LOVE.. We all get choices in this life.. Do we pick the good or all that has hurt us… I know my mission and I know LOVE is here to serve us.. We can Always Think Up… or live a life in the doo doo… if YOU don’t know what YOU are choosing tune all the way inside of YOU… Always Think Up doesn’t mean shit aint really happening.. Along the way i lost pieces of me…in the name of LOVE I have done some snapping.. But when YOU used to be a doormat… a real people pleaser… When YOU are sticking up for yourself in the name of LOVE…at times YOU can feel a little uneasy.. If YOU are having a bad day or time.. Go back and remember everything delicious.. Your thoughts are creating from all of your visions.. Clearing out the old the things that we really don’t need… can feel like your giving up on your child, because its been your seed… its not giving up anything bad, it’s just honoring YOU more by realizing it’s no longer serving… Your heart is on a mission.. Your LOVE has major purpose.. Tuning into LOVE helps when YOU are feeling unsure… Only LOVE is real… only LOVE can cure… the body can heal, people can change, we only have to be willing.. Life is LOVE but LOVE isnt the way they taught us… the lessons can be so chilling.. There is no right or wrong way along the path… its about tuning into that beautiful hearts desires… in LOVE there is no limit… no ending, unless YOU decide to give up or retire.. LOVE is eternal I have always known that i’ve been different… most of the times i felt like I was going against what LOVE was.. Only to find out when YOU are clearing up old hurts and traumas YOU will seem very different… life is measured in vibration.. That means HOW DO YOU FEEL INSIDE??? We cant hold onto people places or things… we have to let humbleness take over our pride… our dreams they will give us strength and keep us moving forward.. Keep us meeting all kinds of new folks… people need people is another thing that I KNOW… the same ole same ole will leave YOU kinda bored.. Be thankful be grateful for each piece plays a part… weather it hurt or felt like heaven.. But YOU gotta feel it all to get it.. We really all are connect, brethren… A good friend of mine today way talking about family… And I was relating so much because he was speaking about how family isn’t always being perfect.. We all mess up, or hold on too long.. But that is all what makes the journey so worth it.. Some YOU vibe with some YOU don’t.. That is all a part of the lessons… Some will fill YOU up with so much LOVE and some will leave YOU stressin… the game of hold on let go… that’s the part that feels tricky… go into your feels… if it feels good it’s right, if its off it can feel kinda icky.  For so very long they have told us what to do, who to be, do all that is right.. But then YOU look at the life they live… if they ain’t living loving the whole, all of them… they are giving YOU fears.. Take advice from the ones that are living there best life.. If YOU are looking for success… get advice from those that are successful.. If YOU are wanting to attract LOVE get advice from those that have a grand LOVE that is respectful… YOU can take bits and pieces and formulate your own puzzle… just don’t accept their fears as advice… it’s like an energetic judgement muzzle… i have experienced this before… it has left me unable to speak… so in that space I needed to take time and tune back into LOVE… LOVE wants us all to be great! I always knew that I deserved the greatest that LOVE had to give… in the beginning i didn’t realize how much work that would take… to clear out my fears and really live… I still believe the same, but now I know we must heal self to attract the healed other… or much of our time in relationships will leave us needing more time to recover… don’t be afraid to be alone.. That has been the biggest blessing on my journey.. My alone time was always filled with LOVE… some have even called me a hermit… I’ll take all of that because the growth in me is phenomenal… I am not at all who I was before… clearing out the demons of fear…and burning then up like charcoal… we get comfortable with our demons.. We get used to their guidance.. But it really is a disconnection from the greatness that really resides in us.. These demons need a place to live.. A vessel to get by… our fears are demons, and until YOU learn to rid yourself… YOU will always feel under attack.. They can feel so understandable.. We hold fears of the hell we went through.. But only LOVE is real… ONLY LOVE is TRUE! For this new moon may we all let go… of these fears that hold us back.. Burn them up and live free in your heart… sometimes in LOVE we need to fight back.. These demons are strong they invade in the spaces YOU are weak… they are winning when YOU feel lack or defeat… ask your angels for help and for guidance.. They are out here hoping that we all find the heaven that is inside us.. I LOVE YOU all because we really are all connected… we have all felt these demons of rejection and abandonment… but it is all from self.. Of self…feel it all to heal and get better… all of us is LOVE, maybe for the new moon just write yourself a beautiful LOVE letter… this is your LOVE story… it’s not up to me or anyone to tell YOU the rights or wrongs… quiet out the noise, and tune into your hearts LOVE song.. I wish YOU all prosperity, strength, and much abundance.. The angels are all around YOU… inside each and everyone of us… LOVE is among us… feel the LOVE it’s really trying to take over… some of us need strength some of us need a little time sober… Some of us need courage… some of us need to yell… but I promise YOU all.. Every heart has a beautiful story to tell… once YOU are ready tell your story… it will heal so many lives… we are doing this for the children to come… the world has been through a giant fight… the war out here is between LOVE and fear… please let LOVE guide YOU… tune into your heart sweet dear… and only let LOVE guide YOU… peace LOVE light and blessings.. YOU are so very worth it… everyone has something huge to do.. Every one of us has a purpose.

Dear King

Dear Masculine, sweet King, the strength, the sun! I see the LOVE in that heart. I see all the hurt YOU are trying to overcome. I had a horrific dream, but it means YOU getting involved in your feelings. I know this isn’t easy to YOU but trust me feeling is healing. 

In my dream, my daughter and I were enjoying a day at the beach. She was building castles in the sand, I was close by walking in the sea. I felt a little tap against my foot. I looked down and it was a lifeless little boy. He was under the water. Stripped of all his youthful joy. I scooped him up so quick, dragged his body up on land. I didn’t know what to do, I was so afraid but his life was in my hands. I yelled for help but no one seemed to notice, so I went straight to work. I took a huge breath and poured it into his mouth… As I pumped his chest i felt a sudden surge. He began to cough the water up immediately.. As soon as he caught his breath he began to cry… I held him tight to my chest…as I whispered to him that everything is going to be alright. The police were questioning his parents… yet no one was checking on him… He was supposed to be strong… he knew how to swim… Not his mother or his father came rushing to his aid… they were only trying to explain. He was so afraid. He knew to be safe at the beach they said, they came there most of the days… In disbelief I just kept pumping him LOVE, I could feel him warming up….the sun was lighting up his face. I kept humming a song into his ear, until he was strong enough to stand up… Dad did all the explaining, he wouldn’t let the mother speak up.. YOU could see the fear in her eyes..she was riddled with terror…She could just barely breath. I could feel her entire heart shatter. But it wasn’t her place to step in, it was her son, a situation for men. Dad tapped the young boy on his shoulder, your OK boy… get up and shake it off… take a walk in the sand… His little legs tried the best they could…Tru brought him over some water and a towel… I had two best friends not make it out of the water… all my heart could do was just smile… By the end of the dream The boy, Tru, and I were splashing in the water… His body was all the way back to life… the air filled with the beautiful sounds of laughter… 

So I lost two very special men in my life… one to the sea one to the river… this dream really fucked me up… when I woke up from this for a few hours my body just shivered… What does this all mean… to me and everyone else… I knew that this was deep… I knew it was spirit guiding me deeper into myself… I know being fully emerged in the sea, is an energetic symbology of the mothers womb… But my heart couldn’t stop thinking of the men that I lost… they had kids… to me it felt way to soon! 

With all of these emotions flooding my body… I knew I had to nurture myself.. So I looked into the spiritual meaning of dreams of drowning, and it definitely provided some help…

For about 10 years I’ve had this fear of drowning…it was intense, but came from a logical space… Two men in my life that I LOVED so very much, and now I will never see their face. This fear is linked with getting to involved with our own feelings… A deep fear that if we do we will lose ourselves…I want to tell YOU King I know this feeling so well… its deep inside me as well. The ocean is emotions, the subconscious mind is screaming for help! Somethings are hard to process King. I know all too well how not being noticed felt. Drowning in dreams means being bashed with hurtful words or actions.. YOU were just a sweet young boy… taught to toughen up and make things happen. Emotional undertow, at such a very young age. Divine masculine please know I LOVE all of YOU. I have also felt all this rage… We all have fears and traumas, that we are processing the best we can… YOU met me at my favorite place… a divine message on the sand… The ongoing stress in life can eat at YOU…I know YOU feel at times that YOU are struggling just to survive..Trying to find your true identity… The mask YOU wear is only to hide. I know its hard for YOU to relate to others… we are all one we are connected.. Please believe me YOU are divine… even though YOU felt so neglected.. YOU have an internal world of instincts, that YOU were taught to ignore… How to I know this… cause I was raised to be tough like a boy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU all of YOU… I know this pain runs deep… trust your healing is happening… please let yourself rest and nurture your needs… 

This is emotional rebirth King! Bringing YOU back to the mothers womb. YOU survived all the turmoil. And others were gone too soon… I see this as another chance at life… please feel safe to let down your guard. I know YOU are going through some heavy stuff.. I know it feels so hard…. Your parents see they LOVE YOU King… they were just raising YOU as they were told. Drowning is symbolic to endings… all of that is over please let your heart unfold. The people don’t really much notice.. they are stuck in their own worlds… but together we can change this for our littles… raise up some LOVING guys and girls… for us to do this we must face all we feel.. and come to ONLY LOVE IS REAL! This dream came to me so I could encourage YOU to jump in YOU and just feel… YOU don’t have to say anything… its OK to cry….you have been so strong… but the feelings are what have been tapping at YOU….feeling is never wrong… I LOVE YOU King I see you are strong… but I see YOU really just want LOVE… I AM sorry for any time I ever treated YOU bad. Please feel my energetic hug… Please know Divine Masculine, we are healing together… YOU are the KING to my Queen… please know as YOU are working on YOU… I AM working on me… 

As the vibration rises, it will get easier and easier I swear… Please know that I LOVE YOU for all that YOU are. MY LOVE was always there… in this great time we get the chance to heal up.. and live a life so full of LOVE… please if YOU ever feel that YOU are alone… just ask for signs from up above… this feeling stuff is work sweet LOVE… I get it because its tough on me… but we are being pushed to face all the feelings we tucked so deep inside.. to set us emotionally free… I LOVE YOU King I honor YOU… I respect the path YOU are on… I only want for YOU the best… please lean in on the heart of God whenever YOU are feeling stressed or alone… as YOU let go of these feelings, and find forgiveness…YOU will see new things arise… it is to check and see if YOU are going to do it with your heart… or put your mask on and just hide… there is no right way in any of this… it is an unfolding of YOU for the greatest good… YOU are spiritually hungry… and there is an abundance of soul food… YOU can’t do this for anyone else.. this has to be special for yourself. Please ask spirit to guide YOU and be open to receive the help.. I will pray LOVE all over YOU… I will think and speak LOVE to all the Kings… Please know that the angels are cheering YOU on.. as YOU continue to face the hurt in YOU they sing… Its only a quiet hum in your ear… to give YOU comfort to continue… no one else can hear it sweet LOVE…its such a subtle innuendo. YOU are divine under all that hurt… This is the unconditional LOVE mission… In your heart there are dreams…. and the vision to your mission… I LOVE YOU because YOU are me… in observing YOU i learned to see us as reflections… Everything YOU feel I feel… there is so much LOVE even in rejection… The unconditional LOVE in me only wants the best for YOU…. SO my prayer today is that YOU have the strength to put your heart into every single thing YOU do… 

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Dear Queen

I LOVE YOU Queens…EYE KNOW this isn’t always easy…..YOU ARE a queen, but it comes from the deepest space of believing. 

There are many things YOU must learn, there are many things YOU must change… facing yourself is the beautiful journey of the queen! It gets messy, there are tears…YOU are forming a relationship with SELF…there are doubts there are fears…The all is here to support YOU…YOU are surrounded in help. It comes from deep in the center…your heart anchors YOU into the all… With the purest intention… Deep in your center wants the best for the ALL. A Queen doesn’t get jealous, she just wants to know the truth… But the all that she is connected to…always links up to the physical proof. A Queen is never envious… A Queen stays in HER lane… A Queen takes care of her foundation her community… she aint out here seeking fame. A Queen knows life can throw YOU things, to make YOU face yourself… A Queen carries a heart of gold.. She knows that just the simple thing of sending LOVE DOES help! A Queen has her own dreams in her heart. A Queen won’t let YOU get in her way… A Queen will LOVE the children… And feel the healing energy in their play… A Queen knows about vibration… And what YOU get is what YOU give… A Queen is true to her fucking heart! A Queen KNOWS how she is going to live… A Queen can see right through words… and feel the truth up in her heart… If the queen doesn’t catch the message… it will show up in her dreams.. A Queen is ever protected… she feels every bit of it… SHE KNOWS!!! A Queen doesn’t need some one else to find her inner glow… A Queen is cherished and supported… and treated with the most respect… 

Finding your Queen is deep deep work! But I KNOW that everyone can do this… Look for hints, special messages made for YOU… The all is going to get YOU through this.. Its healing, expanding, going forward.. all at the same time… Feeling into that inner Queen… and knowing that your heart is fully supported by the divine… To find our inner Queen we need to look in and see where are are fears, where do we hold lack… That space can make YOU feel like maybe YOU are off track.. YOU are good in the name of LOVE… the messages are getting more clear… YOU were made to have all YOU desire… YOU just have to clean up that fear… Living fully from the heart.. with zero expectation… KNOWING that YOU are supported by the all… even when the fears in YOU try to get to contemplating… Thats what #alwaysthinkup is ladies… the journey to me changing my brain.. to really learn to embody my body, mind, and spirit… And sharing it in a self LOVE kinda way.. On the journey to your inner Queen… one of the biggest parts is setting the boundries… going with all that we are feeling in our hearts… no matter what is going on in the surroundings.. there will be things… part this and part that… A Queen is not here for parts… but she will gather them and keep it moving..her creation is where its at! On the way to the inner Queen, there will be offers that seem delicious… But as the Queen YOU must feel it in the middle for a while… and make sure that it lines up with your mission! Finding your Queen is ever forward… she doesn’t have time to stop… She knows about vibration… nothing can make her stop… A Queen knows when she needs a break… she knows how to cut out anything… A Queen knows when it is dipped in gold…. And she knows when it runs deep! 

Always GO back to the middle Queen… that is where YOU connection is… its connected to your parents straight through past your kids… it the everything the all… the heart the womb… creation… A Queen has the deepest honor and respect… for the magic of manifestation… The highest good for all… A Queen has no time for competition… she is creating all she desires… a Queen is finally learning to let relationships go that have expired… A Queen will say it in LOVE… and trust it with all her guts… YOU are a Queen YOU have always been enough.. A Queen is a value seeker… She has a divine vision.. A Queen feels passion deep in her heart…when she expresses it… YOU hear her through the loud speaker… A Queen will always stay in her truth.. A Queen will continue to LOVE up her gardens… Build the LOVE all the way up…. A Queen knows that some are off in the give and take… but that don’t mean she gotta get treated rough… Stand up stand in… Your heart my LOVE thats the portal… Its about YOU and all your dreams… The fancy and the formal…. Go in seek in… ask it write it… be open to learn…. the support YOU are seeking is inside of YOU….pick up that internal phone… 

Being a Queen is never seeking LOVE from a man… YOU know what your heart wants Queen YOU gotta be your very OWN #1 FAN!!!! 

I KNOW there is that Queen inside of each and every one of us… I share the do do I go through to show YOU its all just in the name of LOVE… Only LOVE is real my darling…..we don’t have to settle for anything less… Tune all the way in when your happy… Tune all the way in when your stressed… Its a loyalty and honesty like YOU have never known.. if something feels off at all YOU have to know YOU can make it on your own… Being fully supported by the all that is YOU can’t have any expectations… Even when people are hating YOU have to know YOU are fully supported by the all… People only notice when your LOVE is glowing tall… Keep focused Queen stay graceful… focus on the peace that is in your heart….it is your connection… your unique form of art…. 

I AM thankful to know some of the most amazing people… really digging deep to the gold.. Believe me EYE see YOU I LOVE YOU….I KNOW that YOU are bold… This self LOVE is some of the hugest stuff… But I wouldn’t change a second… I focused on my foundation…. and stayed up in my beautiful visions… YOU can too its just up to YOU… what is the baggage that YOU carry? Learn to let it go… find the balance that your heart desires.. I KNOW it seems so scary…. Ask for the LOVE YOU need… know YOU are supported… A Queens heart will always know deep in her heart she is very important ❤

Speak your heart
feel it all 
be around what YOU LOVE 
eat well
learn new things
experience different things 
trust in 
pay attention to the GOD WINKS 
are your intensions pure 
what is an intention 
its the internal voice of YOU 
YOU chose the journey 
it seemed fun
the mission is in your heart
YOU have the fuel
connections everywhere 
the more YOU trust the more YOU see 
YOU are divine 
mistakes don’t matter 
go forward 
every chance to start fresh 
always check in 
take care of YOU 
get outside 
dream huge 
learn to receive the vision
at first it seems way beyond YOU 
YOU LOVE YOU and its there
never settle 
take the parts to create the vision 
leave all YOU don’t want 
thoughts create 
what YOU think is what YOU get 
Sex is sacred 
your heart is sacred 
they are very connected 
there is a lesson in rejection 
there is comfort in abandonment 
the old can change 
dis-ease is energetic 
pain is energy misplaced
we hold a lot we are unaware of 
this raise in vibration is pretty massive 
A broken heart is a heart attack
LOVE can bring YOU back to life 
YOU are worth every move 
YOU already know it in your heart what could YOU have to prove
give & receive 
seek value… don’t seek gold
the gold is what you are surrounded in 
YOU are mimicking all that YOU have been told 
LOVE is a wave 
ebb and flow
in and out 
LOVE is out for your very best
and pinched off when YOU pout 
LOVE is loyal
honest to the core 
LOVE is a homies and so much more 
LOVE is trust in the internal vibration
I LOVE you all trust that YOU are OK
know EYE send YOU LOVE in every single way