About Sara

I was your “typical” Pittsburgh girl growing up in the 90’s. I played sports, loved being active, tennis player, figure skater, a gymnast, a cheerleader, you name it, I did it! Until one day at cheer practice I suffered a bad injury, I tore my ACL, and life as I knew it was never the same. In hindsight I know now this had to happen so that I could start MY TRUE healing journey. The physical pain was simply a voice for the emotional pain. Over the next 10 years I went through numerous surgeries, trying to FIX my knee. Desperate, my parents brought in the official surgeon for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Here was the man they trusted with highly paid athletes, and he was telling me my only option was a complete knee replacement. At this point I was done with surgeries; I nearly flipped the table over when he said those words. I had made up my mind that there was more for me out there and that this was not how I wanted to proceed. At this moment I was almost convinced I’d have to live with this pain. Then my life changed again, I met a holistic chiropractor named Dr. Richard Visone whom would later become my mentor, teacher, healer. From the time of my injury until then I had lived with a chronic pain in my knee, Hashimoto’s dis-ease, infertility issues that messed with my mind and limited my mobility. Swimming was the only activity I could do with little to no pain, my spine was still tight though, a sign I would later learn, of sexual trauma in the physical body from when I was young… I didn’t even remember… this is what we call a comvious block, in the healing the nervous system world.

Once I started working with Dr. Visone I literally started diving into the doo doo… the vicious patterns and cycles that kept replaying over and over in my life. I learned about Spinal Network Analysis, different energy work, and how to heal the body, how to heal from childhood trauma, vibrational alignment and more.

For the next several years I became a student of the universe, literally learning all of the laws of the universe from the laws of attraction to quantum physics and the connection between the physical body and the energy body. Fast forward to 2012, I was meditating on the beach, thinking of my estranged father whom I had not spoken to in 5 years. I wrote him a lovely letter, telling him how amazing he was and how much I loved him. Not very long after I received a call from my father. In that moment I knew I had become a deliberate creator of my life. And Always Think Up was born. It was never a business model; it was my lifestyle. It was what I did to heal. It became my way of living and helping others clearly was my purpose- it was tied directly to my own healing- nothing was clearer to me. I was raised catholic but struggled with some of the concepts- so i searched for my own answers and in that journey I realized this- the process is what matters, never the outcome.

Always Think Up is a teaching, it’s about the rituals and practices that make up your daily life, that make up your entire life. Investing in myself in ways I never thought I would or could. No one knows YOU better than YOU do! I invested a lot of time and money into teachers & classes, some helped me learn more about myself, some of them taught me to trust my own ideas more. Then I invested in myself more, I gave myself time with myself, I asked the universe to FIX me, and it responded, do it yourself. And that’s what I’ve been doing, in union with others (interdependency at its finest), helping each other create our best lives. This is YOUR life. It’s time you take back your power from everything outside of yourself. I believe we are all divine creatures with more power than we can even imagine, but it’s up to us to wake up! Step up! Take charge of your story, because no one else is better equipped to write it than you. I believe in YOU!