About Me

Sara Richardson is a Holistic Wellness Coach, specializing in holistic healing through integrated bodywork sessions, balancing energy, and fully connecting Mind, Body, and spirit. She has practiced the Laws of Attraction for 9 years. And about 7 years ago, while under the care of a hard core holistic Master Healer, and Chiropractor, Dr. Richard Visone. She experienced her very own serious and personal, physical, and spiritual healing. With great direction and guidance from such an amazing mentor and friend she decided to dive into the healing arts of all sorts, keeping a focus on the mind. Sara has studied terrible dis-ease and all that comes with that diagnosis. She knows personally what it feels like to feel like there is no hope. Sara has learned the power in positive thinking and the ways that it changes your life.

Sara is an Ordained Minister under the Spiritual Awakening Institute. She is the founder of Always Think Up , http://www.alwaysthinkup.com She created it as a place to come for support: from lifting vibrations all the way to finding your inner soul’s purpose. You attract what you think, but also what you feel. Sara realized that sometimes it’s more of your mind and thoughts, than your body needing to be healed.

Sara is a certified Reiki 2 Practitioner, a Licensed Massage Therapist, and energy/body worker. Sara created several wellness programs, healing on a more subtle level. Help the helpers, the first program is designed to teach the staff about ways to ground and center, and different approaches to practices of mindfulness and meditation. She helps the staff to understand how the energy is affected by what they go through in their daily work routines, and how to clear it out and off. Wise Woman, this program is for the ladies. Ways to help them to balance the weight of the world and self LOVE. Empowering women to LOVE themselves fully in order to be the best woman they can be. And Baseline, this program was designed for children. Helping them learn to be more mindful of what their bodies are saying to them. And fun things to do to bring and balance energy. Sara helps people to understand the spiritual messages behind the dis-eases and disasters they face. And how the vibration that we pass to our children are really the most important. After researching many religions, she chose to honor all of them. However, let Sara tell it and her religion is LOVE!

When Sara is not busy with her bodywork and research, healing programs, and her Always Think Up; she loves to just relax and spend time with her beautiful daughter, Tru Amore. She loves Pittsburgh, Go Steelers! And any time she gets a few free days in a row, she gets down to the gulf coast, white sand beaches – where the sun is always shining and the fish are always fresh!


  • Massage
  • Energywork
  • Integrated bodywork sessions
  • Holistic coaching
  • Distance healing