Full moon LOVIN

Last night the moon showed her beautiful face.. right before it was time for me to go in…we had a wonderful conversation.. just her and I and a few stars.. they want us all to realize the true power is within.. she let me know I’m thinking too much, and that’s ok as long as I remember to tune into my heart.. she let me know she was illuminating things.. to help me propel forward with the life I’m creating, in the name of LOVE, she confirmed that’s the truest art! Clearing out and balancing the root, to let go and make room for all your dreams.. balancing out that sacral, the storage center for all the feelings..when YOU do those two things YOU feel your power rise! YOU totally feel like YOU CAN! With your personal power that’s inside.. put your hand on your heart breath and feel it live.. tune into all YOU are.. your hearts desires.. want a YOU to live in LOVE like the kids.. then we get to that beautiful throat.. the place where we speak our hearts desires to life. The 3rd eye gives YOU the visions.. there is no wrong or right. At the crown we are connected. To the most divine..we are ever supported.. the trick here is to keep your vibes up high!! The energetic body needs to be ligned up.. ahhhh sweet alignment.. energy is ever flowing.. but as YOU start to learn about YOU.. The better YOU relate to your inner knowing. She let me know it does feel crazy sometimes.. feels like YOU are on some wild ride.. YOU could feel like a fool! But true trust and faith… comes in slowly as YOU release all self control.. we as humans don’t realize we do this.. it seems logical.. like if YOU don’t your not responsible.. but letting go of the things that don’t serve your soul.. and tuning into divine greatness.. is that’s what makes us unstoppable. God, source, great spirit, the Universe… LOVES US more than we LOVE our own children. And unconditional LOVE for us and our hearts desires.. doesn’t give up when we lose sight of our most divine visions. Always pushing us to see our greatness.. may YOU always feel divinely inspired.. putting the lessons where YOU can get em. YOU are spirit that gets to live out human form.. creating the best life YOU can is your divine mission… there’s a giant reason that YOU were born.. thank YOU I LOVE YOU God Source! YOU know this isn’t easy! But boy oh boy is it so worth it.. i live it so no matter who believes me! Thank YOU for guidance, thank YOU for inspiration, thank YOU for strength!!! I LIVE YOU and I honor YOU.. our conversation last night was so much greatness.. so I give THANKS.. let go of all that doesn’t feel good in LOVE! No judgments .. straight compassion.. tune into the visions in your mind.. feel it with your whole heart.. speak it to make it happen ..

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