Dream a dream

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Together I want us to dream a dream of LOVE. Breathing in the light.. breathing out the things that make YOU energetically heavy. Call in your team, the highest vibrational beings from above.

Dreaming a dream never hurt anyone. In fact it’s the creator of their reality. The things that YOU think of really matter. All of the unknown and unseen…are YOU dreaming dreams of bliss.. pure LOVE? Or are the dreams your dreaming chaos and tragedy?

Don’t be afraid to dream sweet LOVE… this was a precious gift given to YOU to use. YOU dream your dream….see it it your minds eye… let your imagination run loose..drop it down into your heart space..feel it all… let it make YOU so warm…now with your hearts desires.. your dream holds the essence of YOU…Speak that dream out to the world. YOU can start small and say it out loud .. just to self. But speaking that vibration out of your mouth.. sends ripples into the 3D.. We do create it all… or connections, our experiences, our inner peace, even our health.

What do YOU think about.. YOU are the master of your temple. Can YOU think past what YOU see.. and create your own version of life.. it really is quite simple! Cut people off for a while.. clear out any clutter..learn to LOVE yourself fully .. get to know the things about YOU.. that YOU have been too busy to discover. Slow down a little while. Let all your dreams come to Life… YOU can create whatever it is that YOU want.. YOU can never get it wrong.. cause YOU can leave what didn’t feel good.. and take all that felt so right. Our feelings inside are indicators.. if our desires are ligned up with our soul.. when they are it’s a perfect flow.. when they aren’t in line.. your feelings will show..

Dream BIG! Or dream simple.. It’s an ever moving ever changing flow.. with your roots deep in the earth.. the breath of life can make YOU so flexible. Sometimes YOU don’t quite know how YOU will make it to that dream. But that’s not your load to bear. YOU send out the dreams .. connected to the desires in your heart.. your only job to do is let your voice begin to sing.

We put out bad vibrations unintentionally. Our egos trying hard to keep our hearts safe. We don’t need help.. we’re independent!! We don’t like too many people in our space. We find it hard to trust in others.. cause in the past we have got let down. We’re not going to put our hearts all in.. we tried it before and didn’t like how it went down. Only LOVE is real YOU see.. every excuse is out of line with LOVE. Be mindful of the vibrations YOU put out to the world.. YOU really can have anything YOU want.

Finding what YOU really want between all YOU have seen, and felt, and what YOU desire. That’s the work.. and most times we need to energetically clear our space to find our dream.. your never too late.. your dream will never expire.

Dare to dream your dream. Your heart is beautiful.. YOU sure do deserve it. No matter what YOU have done or been through.. YOU hold a special dream and your soul has a special purpose! We were made to have lives that we loved.. but we all got caught in a web of lies. Falling in LOVE with all of YOU helps YOU to energetically see why it’s so important to being your dreams to life..

This is an ever unfolding process.. but LOVE is here to help YOU every step of the way.. YOU are dreaming when YOU talk to other people or yourself.. YOU are planting little seeds of your dream with every single thing.. that YOU speak, feel, and say!

Dare to dream big! Dare to take it even bigger. Then dare to release some things and change it around.. know that dreams can never be lost.. if it feels like that go into that beautiful heart and feel around!

Have trust.. big faith! In what YOU feel in these words. YOU didn’t find this article by anything but divine coincidence.. YOU will never fully know unless YOU try.. retraining your brain to think up and past things.. takes much self discipline!!! YOU are a spark of creation .. here to create, YOU brought your soul tools, to create a beautiful life. Heaven on Earth to me is a place where people feel their unique inner peace.. after they release all their own vibrational strife. Give it to the Earth YOU see.. she’s a master at recycling vibrations.. how YOU help in turning all the fears to LOVE… make LOVE in all the things YOU are thinking, feeling, and saying..

Tomorrow is the 1111 portal.. if YOU have never done this before.. right NOW is a great time to start.. D.R.E.A.M. a little dream.. covered in the essence of the desires of Your heart!! Take 30 days straight to speak LOVE in your life.. in any way that comes up.. no one else can do this for YOU.. Your thoughts, feelings, and words .. fill up your cup! That cup is your creation.. I send YOU all so much LOVE! Remember always YOU are surrounded with LOVE! All the highest vibrations of LOVE from up above!!

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