I believe in God.. I believe that God is LOVE.. I believe that only LOVE is real. I believe that LOVE is energy. I believe prayer is LOVE energy. I believe LOVE knows better than us what NEEDS to happen.

I believe if we all just pray unconditional LOVE over everything.. that’s how things sort out.. for the highest good for all.

I believe fear is an illusion.. I believe in order for us to see through the illusions.. we must SEE hem first.. take notice.. when we see it.. we send unconditional pink love with all the LOVE in our hearts.. speak LOVE from our throat/voice/words…

I believe that is how we break down these fears.. within us first.. then vibrationally others will follow.. as within so with out.. I KNOW doing this doesn’t always feel so easy. I know this LOVE vibration is trying to show YOU how to LOVE YOU to make it easier. I know the illusions are easy to get caught up in

I believe us as people complicate it to fit us. I know the truth. And it’s simple.. LOVE YOUrself.. LOVE everyone else…We have no control over anything. Divine order and timing are at play every moment of everyday.. if it hurts..give LOVE…if it feels great…give LOVE…if they are mean …give LOVE…if they are fake …give LOVE…if they lie …give LOVE..if they fuck up …give LOVE…if YOU hurt give LOVE..if YOU feel great ..give LOVE…if YOU are mean…give LOVE…if YOU are fake…give LOVE…if you lie …give LOVE…if YOU fuck up …give LOVE…

It can seem too simple at times.. like more needs done… but I’m tellin YOU I’m tellin YOU just give LOVE we are all ONE

#speakit #truthisLOVE #GODisLOVE #selfLOVE #unconditionalLOVE #buildingbridges

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