Full moon LOVIN

Last night the moon showed her beautiful face.. right before it was time for me to go in...we had a wonderful conversation.. just her and I and a few stars.. they want us all to realize the true power is within.. she let me know I’m thinking too much, and that’s ok as long as … Continue reading Full moon LOVIN

Dream a dream

Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths. Together I want us to dream a dream of LOVE. Breathing in the light.. breathing out the things that make YOU energetically heavy. Call in your team, the highest vibrational beings from above. Dreaming a dream never hurt anyone. In fact it's the creator of their … Continue reading Dream a dream


I believe in God.. I believe that God is LOVE.. I believe that only LOVE is real. I believe that LOVE is energy. I believe prayer is LOVE energy. I believe LOVE knows better than us what NEEDS to happen. I believe if we all just pray unconditional LOVE over everything.. that’s how things sort … Continue reading LOVE>fear