Feel it

Take a deep breath in your nose and out your mouth. Take a few more, let the spirit move through YOU… Our breath is connected right to the Divine… Just let your soul do what it do. This womb healing is inevitable, the planet is pushing. Do YOU feel the rush deep within? What is coming to YOU, what is making YOU feel. And when YOU feel all that what do YOU do how do YOU swim? The sacral chakra is the orange, right above the red. First YOU must root it all in….ground into the gold and take it up over your head. Surround yourself in protection, the purest divine LOVE. Then imagine that orange that is coming through… The color carries the vibration. Put on the 417hz, and write all YOU feel….Primal feelings are clues. We are so programmed not to feel, when we do dont trust it… look at the logic. But the planet is lifting in vibration… things are being revealed so we can work through them in LOVE, that is the ONLY way to stop all this. Your sexuality resides here, so some things might come up. They arent there to hurt or shame YOU… They are there so YOU can face it, feel it, then Always Think Up… Ahhh sweet perspective….. Be thankful that we can collapse the wave. This life is but an illusion… How do YOU feel when YOU make time to create. What do YOU desire in your heart…. Much of that energy is connected to here.. How do YOU feel in your sensual self… YOU can work through it with God personally, in a safe space, no fear! How do YOU feel about procreation, in your body, your mind, and your spirit? What is pleasure to YOU, and how does it feel…. Do YOU feel a union with nature… how do YOU feel in the water. How do YOU feel with being open to others? How do YOU speak on woman sacredness to our daughters. They purposely suppressed us in our sex spaces yall… each and everyone of us. Thats why talking about sex is taboo… Same as in God we trust. We cant cant quite let our human brains wrap around, why keeping our sex sacred is a must. Yes we all make mistakes in the sex space, forgiveness is always, but did YOU learn the lessons… Sacred Sex is sex with God…. And Im out here on a mission… In order to feel this power that is deep within YOU, YOU must be clear of all the other energies… It takes 30 days for a man, and its a lifetime for all of my ladies. Please dont fear, no need to freak out… we are able to clear and disconnect… But we must make a vow with the beloved…To use this power with LOVE. This is the womb space for all, the darkest space… where YOU were fed all the intense feels of your mother…. and her mother and her mother,and the mother before… Do YOU innerstand the depths of the things in this space that will be discovered.. .This is zero point… the past present future… all within the now… Quantum physics tells YOU each moment is a new moment to create… The collapse of the wave is WOW! Inner child work, helps tremendously in this space… Go in and get to know the little YOU… Honor all her feelings… put LOVE on everything little YOU has been through… YOU get a chance to make it different… How different is up to YOU… But YOU can always go back and revisit this place… Imagine more LOVE on it …. this process has to do with the imagination with in YOU… Ahhh the imagination… The third eye is in direct relation to the sacral… In clearing up your sex space….YOU clear up your observer… your God imagination.. The I SEE… that is how in clearing up your sex space…. YOU are setting yourself free… it took me a long time to get this… I have fucked up big then little from time to time… its about facing all of it and feeling it…. Then loving YOU and knowing all is divine… A clear sex space is a powerhouse… Someone so connected it doesn’t matter who believes… It is the deepest knowing that every thought YOU think plants seeds… It is a knowing of feelings are dropping seeds of life….Our thoughts words and actions are like our children… How do YOU feel about taking care of that? Learning about everything YOU feel is priceless… YOU will learn YOU and your sacred energy is worth billions… I LOVE YOU and I honor YOU, more and more and I learn to LOVE me that way… May we all see sex as sacred… and treat it in the most respectful ways… Your energy needs to be strong to grow your hearts desires… YOU will continue to miscarry, when your sex space is fighting a battle… Connect to it to see how it feels…. give it LOVE its your darkness all the shadows.. A huge part of getting to know and LOVE all of YOU is seeing in yourself where YOU feel scattered.. Its all energetic, nothing is personal… its all a beautiful inside lesson… YOU are powerful, it is connected to your sex space… Clear it out to get to know the creator through YOU…. Get rid of the shame by facing it… let the light fill YOU up… after YOU are done cleansing yourself each time, cover yourself in Golden Unconditional LOVE… Sex was meant to be sacred… this is where many got it jacked up and dont want to face it…. Because of the pleasure.. because of the lust…. the unintentional energetic rush takes place… this usually leaves people feeling unbalanced, if the other partner is messing around with their sex… We spread the energy, and spread the energy.. and grow our babies in this space… When YOU mess around in your sex space… YOU can plant your seeds in the vibration of fear, lack, and suspicion… or YOU can clear it up and clean it out… And live from your real hearts desires on this mission.. This gives YOU the power back… that it felt so natural when low to give away… YOU can trust that everything that is meant for YOU will come straight to your face… YOU can grow this faith in the Universe… that will make YOU feel YOU are not from this world… The power is why they hid it like they did… keeping YOU disconnected from our power was the plan all along… Take another deep breath and know YOU can do this… There is zero judgement where YOU have been and what YOU have done… Every breath is a new chance to create… A new chance to believe that YOU are connected as ONE…

Getting YOU strong in your sex space is what I was sent here to do… I LOVE to see folks fired up, YOU can restore the power deep with in YOU..

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