That Beautiful Heart

Won’t YOU take a journey with me. To the most magical place off Earth. Its a beautiful and lush green space. Where YOU cant seem just yet to be able to match it up with the words. The feels are so real in here. YOU feel the air, YOU feel pure light, YOU feel forgiveness for whatever that was. YOU know everything is in divine timing. YOU feel that all is connected to this Unconditional LOVE.. YOU see the bad used for good. YOU see the good used for bad. YOU know this is all part of the hearts protection. Your beautiful heart knows just what to do. To help YOU trust fully in LOVE and feel safe. It is YOU and YOU in this space. YOU are free to design this place as YOU wish. When I come to this green space in my minds eye.. Each time its different depending on my bliss. Sometimes I have flowers, sometimes water, other times a child is healing, its all a Universal kiss. Sometimes other people are there… Sometimes I go in and it feels heavy. But we are the creators of this beautiful life. This is our heart and we need to give thanks, “Oh Universe THANK YOU for this treasure”! Not only are we carrying in our hearts, the things that specifically happened to us. We are also holding with us, some pretty serious generational heart stuff… There can be things that YOU are familiar with.. and things YOU have never seen before…if YOU have been disconnected from your heart a little while… feel free to take a tour… This is the space of I LOVE….what do YOU LOVE? What makes your heart pound? Where do YOU feel a lack if any in LOVE… Where do YOU feel like YOU are just going round and round? What does all of this mean to YOU… The answers are all in the feels. Remember this is a place where words don’t work… In the feeling is where YOU can clear… Clear by deep breaths, take a deep breath in… let it fill YOU up. Then breath out, imagine that’s all the stuff YOU didn’t need and YOU didn’t want. YOU have always been enough… YOU carried these things thinking it could help YOU be better. But in order to let new things in we must release what no longer serves us… That beautiful heart is a real go getter. LOVE can take YOU places, that your human wished it had the guts to go. So forgive your heart and trust the feels…. your heart is powerful, it knows. Only LOVE is real for real. Fear is a mix of lies and illusions…. Only YOU can feel the LOVE…inside of YOU is where YOU find the best conclusions. Give a thank YOU to this heart space. Let it know, YOU know it has been through the most. But LOVE is a reason to celebrate… what makes YOU happy in your heart? Lets make a toast. Cheers to my beautiful heart. So open and so airy, I know that Unconditional LOVE…can be very very scary. The give and receive is the balance… inside of YOU is where YOU feel to see if its off… In LOVE YOU stand in your power… YOU just LOVE YOU don’t get angry and scoff…. Unconditional LOVE is the realest work. How to learn to LOVE YOU first then go LOVE the world. Staying in your bliss… learning that YOU are working from that little boy or girl. The heart is the best place to do inner child work. It covers it all with Unconditional LOVE. YOU will see through the situations… and see it was all divinely guided from above. First we had to figure out… that the vibration of the planet was changing. Seeing that the works in US no use in complaining. People did this or that depending on the programming they are accustomed. With the subconscious mind really working hard… YOU are either deliberately creating, or just on auto pilot, settling, or adjusting. If YOU could have anything your heart desires, would YOU look at your life a different way… Would YOU make more time to create that… then be able to forget all about it an play… The heart space is just like everything else… past present and future… LOVE it goes on for miles and miles. Some actually believe their hearts deserve torture… Everything YOU have done or experienced in the past, made YOU be a better YOU now… Either YOU are rolling in the doo doo, or YOU are out here LOVING out loud! Everyday is a new day, every breath is a opportunity to recreate. The heart space is the best space… thats where your spirit and your human meet up, that is where magic takes place… I challenge YOU today, to LOVE the world with all YOU got… tune into that beautiful heart.. Let the world see your spark…

I LOVE YOU cause YOU are me, we all come from the greatest of great! The LOVE in my heart cant be angry…those two cant exist at the same exact place… fear or LOVE YOU choose it. YOU can never be too late… What is meant for YOU is all the way yours…. Its up to us to let the divine fate take place… as long as YOU are working on YOU… and learning to LOVE the journey and all the things that YOU find… YOU learn that all out here really is LOVE… and that the songs are right… most don’t get it ….. LOVE is blind…. that doesn’t mean YOU loose yourself to LOVE… the LOVE is to heal and comfort from within… The LOVE for everyone else first comes in self… YOU must LOVE YOU to win!!! I LOVE all the things about YOU, that make YOU different, that set YOU apart… May YOU all learn to have more faith in LOVE… to live a life in LOVE is a true art! I just have all this LOVE pouring out.. I see clearly the things that hurt me were to help me see me… I see that tuning into this Unconditional LOVE, is really setting me free… Your energetic body is really something else.. I recommend YOU tune into every space… if ever YOU feel like YOU need help. All of these places within YOU… YOU need to learn to let your self go there in your sacred seer… when YOU do the work, and see the changes in YOU…. that is the proof… YOU will make YOU a believer… Any dis-ease in the body, starts off at an energetic level… I AM here to be a cheerleader for the divine… there ain’t noo doo dooo that I AM not bold enough to shovel. Once YOU get inside yourself and really get that its all YOU and the Universal Laws… YOU figure out there is mighty power right behind all the old nasty flaws… Created in the likeliness and image of God…. My goodness does it get better than that… Forgiveness of self, with the deepest LOVE is where I see most people fall off track… Its OK to forgive yourself… its actually promoted…”forgive without bound” the LOVE vibration is up to keep your self LOVE on track. YOU used to be told not to LOVE yourself that much, it was selfish to do anything but serve… but what do YOU have to give when your cup is empty and everything is getting on your nerves… energy transference is real my friends… so we are getting back what we are subconsciously putting off… That is why I created Always Think Up, it was training my brain to easily process all this stuff… We all hold different fears in our energetic patterns, past down through the ages. Healing happens in layers, many different stages… the only thing that helps is to always LOVE yourself… We can go through a whirl of thoughts all back to back, from many different ages… Feel it in your heart… YOU are so connected to the greatest great… In your heart is the most sacred space…. for a divine partnership to take place… YOU and the creator… learn to never settle for less… always hope for peace… That’s the best Unconditional LOVE lesson…..

I LOVE YOU dearly, especially if YOU took the time… to read this all the way to hear… May YOU LOVE with all YOU have…May it be a joy for YOU to ride the wave of LOVE! LOVE is a journey, twists and turns, so much suspense…. then YOU have the stillness of time… Were YOU actually feel pure LOVE with no ends… No way to cap it off… no way to hold it still… that is the very time to just say “Thank YOU” and feel that energetic chill… that lets YOU know YOU are never alone.. YOU have always been great, created to shine… there is no time like the present to step into the power of YOU… Every step YOU need to take is inside. I LOVE YOU and I honor YOU….. all is connected all is divine… The light and the dark meet at the heart in YOU…. In Unconditional LOVE there is no judgement… no taking sides… Be great my loves….. look at the LOVE in every now… YOU are a big piece of the plan… to bring this LOVE to Earth….. We are lifting up the vibration the best way we can…

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