Divine Union within Self

The divine masculine and feminine in YOU is wanting to merge.. that is the fight that YOU feel!! If this designates with YOU .. YOU are the leader in charge of all the self work that YOU do to really heal… heal the hurt heal the pain.. heal the fear.. wash it away with the natural rain!! Heal the traumas heal the triggers.. Your spirit is calling YOU to something way bigger.. It’s not anything about the 3D persona… manifesting cars, money, and cribs… it’s deeper the 5d is the spiritual realm!! It’s about really getting it the way that YOU live.. peace, prosperity, abundance!! Experiencing the joys in every NOW… it’s about finding something YOU need to work on in YOU.. and greeting that lesson with a smile.. it’s not about the house and the kids! It’s not about the clothes that YOU wear or your career… it’s really all about this divine masculine and feminine in you meeting in the heart!! And innerstanding we are all connected in the feels.. that energetic body.. so beautiful yet so misunderstood.. I’m so thankful for tapping all the way in.. and sharing how the doo doo is pushing for your greatest good!! The whole entire planet earth and all the stars.. are connected to your kind and heart.. only LOVE is real YOU see…may YOU all live your LOVE as art!! Cheers to YOU for going in deep!! Cheers to YOU for trusting and having faith.. there are miracles occurring all around YOU every NOW moment.. Magic is taking the stage.. YOU are the creator of your experience.. sir and be patient ask God to come to YOU! Ask for understanding when YOU just don’t get it.. be quiet give thanks for the clues.. I always knew that God was super dope.. I always knew it was he and she combined.. what I really never understood was that finding alignment inside of your own self with the most divine.. would bring such a natural high!! I used to LOVE to puff YOU see.. now nothing in life compares to this feeling.. tapping in and turning on to do my work my work for God… raising the vibration of the planet for healing.. is all I ever really needed to do.. I was running circles away from my own self!! I was avoiding and not paying attention to all the signs the divine sent me to help.. all is well there’s a divine design.. YOU are where YOU are because YOU need to be there .. no one can fix us.. no one can do this for us.. we can’t expect others to care.. as YOU learn to care for yourself and self nurture.. YOU will attract those that do the very same.. we are spirits in a human vessel.. to me learning about God always felt like a game.. the pieces to the puzzle all over the world.. answers come from the least expected.. if YOU are feeling low, down, or off.. look in to the places deep inside YOU that are shouting out now.. because they have felt so neglected!! I LOVE you LOVE you all of YOU!! We are all connected.. everything has such a deep purpose… if YOU didn’t know now YOU know.. YOU have always been and always will be so worth it🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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