Its a Journey

We were created in Gods perfect image… then tainted by energy tucked deep down… None of this was anyones fault.. And the golden Unconditional LOVE is alway around. There is a war between fear and LOVE.. they try to get us to worry so much that we can’t find our peace.. But Peace and LOVE are our birth right… Yet sometimes the worry can bring us to our knees… Don’t let the world control YOU.. Go to your secret garden…its a special place for YOU… Along the way of the journey ..YOU will feel ups and downs and like YOU have no clue… That is all ok and part of this.. it can be scary finding your true self… Please go inside and ask for signs.. be quiet and see what comes in to help… some of the worst things that happened to me in my life, brought me closer than I could have ever imagine to what LOVE really is… I LOVE to share it with adults… but what I LOVE better is the imagination in our kids… Encourage that imagination.. teach them of their garden.. don’t let anyone program them… LOVE has got momentum now….and it really aint stopping.. The kids are here to teach us.. to remember our true nature… Life is about relating, in the process we must tell some see YOU later! Sometimes YOU will say FUCK, sometimes YOU will wish peace… just always know that Unconditional LOVE is wanting to provide YOU everything YOU need… We gotta ask to get it.. we gotta be open to receive… the give and take will get easier as YOU LOVE YOU better… YOU create all YOU think feel and dream! Dream BIG sweet friends… there is no limit… there is no cap to what YOU can achieve… life is about the journey… and falling in LOVE with every single piece… I LOVE to give thanks for the negatives.. I LOVE to smother them in LOVE… I LOVE that I don’t need to talk to work… I LOVE that we are surrounded from below and above… Two spirits, two wolves…. which one will YOU feed? It is completely up to YOU the steps YOU take and if YOU succeed… I know it can be so very tough.. thats why I send out LOVE to those who can’t see…. I also send LOVE to those who do… Unconditional LOVE it does everything… Don’t go praying amiss… don’t go praying trying to control… LOVE knows exactly what to do… and if its opposite of what YOU were thinking YOU will feel as if YOU have no control… LOVE sees the biggest picture… LOVE wants whats best for everyone… LOVE wants YOU to not take the journey so serious… LOVE is pushing and pulling YOU to have fun… LOVE didn’t give YOU trauma… but it will help YOU see it from a new perspective… LOVE is always there for YOU…Do YOU tune out to that or stay in the doo doo feeling rejected… This mind, body, spirit…..wholeness thing! Can be hard to wrap your mind around… that is why YOU shouldn’t try to figure it out… just be mindful of every NOW! LOVE is God and YOU are LOVE… May YOU feel this power within YOU…. Its ok to feel lost, alone, or afraid…. as long as YOU remember YOU are provided every tool… I LOVE YOU because I LOVE me… I see a world trying to understand… Ask and it is given to YOU…. have faith in the master plan!

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