The Perfect Storm

The perfect LOVE story isn’t about a woman and a man… well it can be but first YOU must LOVE YOU the best way that YOU can.  We attract that of which we vibrate and sometimes that shit can hurt. When we dig into all the feels we can really start to feel our true natural worth.. All the wordy words never did a thing for me… I can see the energy in all things and let me tell YOU the truth will set YOU free… think of the words like a puzzle… a piece to get YOU to the next.. Don’t hold onto the labels of words that only helps to hold onto all the stress.. Words can only define YOU until YOU get to the next phase.. Then YOU get a whole new set of words to use to set up your new space.  People stay stuck on the words, on the titles, and the labels… not even realizing that the universe is constantly supporting us to clear off the table. Tonight is the new moon… I like to think of it as a time to recreate… let go of all the things that YOU hold onto that feel anything less than great! Your life is a perfect storm… the rain and winds come in to wash out the ick… holding onto the old is the shit that makes the human body sick. Letting go can be rough on the heart, YOU can feel a bit less loving… but the pushes that YOU feel to get it gone from YOU is that universal shoving.. People don’t seem to get me but its ok because my soul is tuned all the way into LOVE.. We all get choices in this life.. Do we pick the good or all that has hurt us… I know my mission and I know LOVE is here to serve us.. We can Always Think Up… or live a life in the doo doo… if YOU don’t know what YOU are choosing tune all the way inside of YOU… Always Think Up doesn’t mean shit aint really happening.. Along the way i lost pieces of me…in the name of LOVE I have done some snapping.. But when YOU used to be a doormat… a real people pleaser… When YOU are sticking up for yourself in the name of LOVE…at times YOU can feel a little uneasy.. If YOU are having a bad day or time.. Go back and remember everything delicious.. Your thoughts are creating from all of your visions.. Clearing out the old the things that we really don’t need… can feel like your giving up on your child, because its been your seed… its not giving up anything bad, it’s just honoring YOU more by realizing it’s no longer serving… Your heart is on a mission.. Your LOVE has major purpose.. Tuning into LOVE helps when YOU are feeling unsure… Only LOVE is real… only LOVE can cure… the body can heal, people can change, we only have to be willing.. Life is LOVE but LOVE isnt the way they taught us… the lessons can be so chilling.. There is no right or wrong way along the path… its about tuning into that beautiful hearts desires… in LOVE there is no limit… no ending, unless YOU decide to give up or retire.. LOVE is eternal I have always known that i’ve been different… most of the times i felt like I was going against what LOVE was.. Only to find out when YOU are clearing up old hurts and traumas YOU will seem very different… life is measured in vibration.. That means HOW DO YOU FEEL INSIDE??? We cant hold onto people places or things… we have to let humbleness take over our pride… our dreams they will give us strength and keep us moving forward.. Keep us meeting all kinds of new folks… people need people is another thing that I KNOW… the same ole same ole will leave YOU kinda bored.. Be thankful be grateful for each piece plays a part… weather it hurt or felt like heaven.. But YOU gotta feel it all to get it.. We really all are connect, brethren… A good friend of mine today way talking about family… And I was relating so much because he was speaking about how family isn’t always being perfect.. We all mess up, or hold on too long.. But that is all what makes the journey so worth it.. Some YOU vibe with some YOU don’t.. That is all a part of the lessons… Some will fill YOU up with so much LOVE and some will leave YOU stressin… the game of hold on let go… that’s the part that feels tricky… go into your feels… if it feels good it’s right, if its off it can feel kinda icky.  For so very long they have told us what to do, who to be, do all that is right.. But then YOU look at the life they live… if they ain’t living loving the whole, all of them… they are giving YOU fears.. Take advice from the ones that are living there best life.. If YOU are looking for success… get advice from those that are successful.. If YOU are wanting to attract LOVE get advice from those that have a grand LOVE that is respectful… YOU can take bits and pieces and formulate your own puzzle… just don’t accept their fears as advice… it’s like an energetic judgement muzzle… i have experienced this before… it has left me unable to speak… so in that space I needed to take time and tune back into LOVE… LOVE wants us all to be great! I always knew that I deserved the greatest that LOVE had to give… in the beginning i didn’t realize how much work that would take… to clear out my fears and really live… I still believe the same, but now I know we must heal self to attract the healed other… or much of our time in relationships will leave us needing more time to recover… don’t be afraid to be alone.. That has been the biggest blessing on my journey.. My alone time was always filled with LOVE… some have even called me a hermit… I’ll take all of that because the growth in me is phenomenal… I am not at all who I was before… clearing out the demons of fear…and burning then up like charcoal… we get comfortable with our demons.. We get used to their guidance.. But it really is a disconnection from the greatness that really resides in us.. These demons need a place to live.. A vessel to get by… our fears are demons, and until YOU learn to rid yourself… YOU will always feel under attack.. They can feel so understandable.. We hold fears of the hell we went through.. But only LOVE is real… ONLY LOVE is TRUE! For this new moon may we all let go… of these fears that hold us back.. Burn them up and live free in your heart… sometimes in LOVE we need to fight back.. These demons are strong they invade in the spaces YOU are weak… they are winning when YOU feel lack or defeat… ask your angels for help and for guidance.. They are out here hoping that we all find the heaven that is inside us.. I LOVE YOU all because we really are all connected… we have all felt these demons of rejection and abandonment… but it is all from self.. Of self…feel it all to heal and get better… all of us is LOVE, maybe for the new moon just write yourself a beautiful LOVE letter… this is your LOVE story… it’s not up to me or anyone to tell YOU the rights or wrongs… quiet out the noise, and tune into your hearts LOVE song.. I wish YOU all prosperity, strength, and much abundance.. The angels are all around YOU… inside each and everyone of us… LOVE is among us… feel the LOVE it’s really trying to take over… some of us need strength some of us need a little time sober… Some of us need courage… some of us need to yell… but I promise YOU all.. Every heart has a beautiful story to tell… once YOU are ready tell your story… it will heal so many lives… we are doing this for the children to come… the world has been through a giant fight… the war out here is between LOVE and fear… please let LOVE guide YOU… tune into your heart sweet dear… and only let LOVE guide YOU… peace LOVE light and blessings.. YOU are so very worth it… everyone has something huge to do.. Every one of us has a purpose.

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