Dear Queen

I LOVE YOU Queens…EYE KNOW this isn’t always easy…..YOU ARE a queen, but it comes from the deepest space of believing. 

There are many things YOU must learn, there are many things YOU must change… facing yourself is the beautiful journey of the queen! It gets messy, there are tears…YOU are forming a relationship with SELF…there are doubts there are fears…The all is here to support YOU…YOU are surrounded in help. It comes from deep in the center…your heart anchors YOU into the all… With the purest intention… Deep in your center wants the best for the ALL. A Queen doesn’t get jealous, she just wants to know the truth… But the all that she is connected to…always links up to the physical proof. A Queen is never envious… A Queen stays in HER lane… A Queen takes care of her foundation her community… she aint out here seeking fame. A Queen knows life can throw YOU things, to make YOU face yourself… A Queen carries a heart of gold.. She knows that just the simple thing of sending LOVE DOES help! A Queen has her own dreams in her heart. A Queen won’t let YOU get in her way… A Queen will LOVE the children… And feel the healing energy in their play… A Queen knows about vibration… And what YOU get is what YOU give… A Queen is true to her fucking heart! A Queen KNOWS how she is going to live… A Queen can see right through words… and feel the truth up in her heart… If the queen doesn’t catch the message… it will show up in her dreams.. A Queen is ever protected… she feels every bit of it… SHE KNOWS!!! A Queen doesn’t need some one else to find her inner glow… A Queen is cherished and supported… and treated with the most respect… 

Finding your Queen is deep deep work! But I KNOW that everyone can do this… Look for hints, special messages made for YOU… The all is going to get YOU through this.. Its healing, expanding, going forward.. all at the same time… Feeling into that inner Queen… and knowing that your heart is fully supported by the divine… To find our inner Queen we need to look in and see where are are fears, where do we hold lack… That space can make YOU feel like maybe YOU are off track.. YOU are good in the name of LOVE… the messages are getting more clear… YOU were made to have all YOU desire… YOU just have to clean up that fear… Living fully from the heart.. with zero expectation… KNOWING that YOU are supported by the all… even when the fears in YOU try to get to contemplating… Thats what #alwaysthinkup is ladies… the journey to me changing my brain.. to really learn to embody my body, mind, and spirit… And sharing it in a self LOVE kinda way.. On the journey to your inner Queen… one of the biggest parts is setting the boundries… going with all that we are feeling in our hearts… no matter what is going on in the surroundings.. there will be things… part this and part that… A Queen is not here for parts… but she will gather them and keep it moving..her creation is where its at! On the way to the inner Queen, there will be offers that seem delicious… But as the Queen YOU must feel it in the middle for a while… and make sure that it lines up with your mission! Finding your Queen is ever forward… she doesn’t have time to stop… She knows about vibration… nothing can make her stop… A Queen knows when she needs a break… she knows how to cut out anything… A Queen knows when it is dipped in gold…. And she knows when it runs deep! 

Always GO back to the middle Queen… that is where YOU connection is… its connected to your parents straight through past your kids… it the everything the all… the heart the womb… creation… A Queen has the deepest honor and respect… for the magic of manifestation… The highest good for all… A Queen has no time for competition… she is creating all she desires… a Queen is finally learning to let relationships go that have expired… A Queen will say it in LOVE… and trust it with all her guts… YOU are a Queen YOU have always been enough.. A Queen is a value seeker… She has a divine vision.. A Queen feels passion deep in her heart…when she expresses it… YOU hear her through the loud speaker… A Queen will always stay in her truth.. A Queen will continue to LOVE up her gardens… Build the LOVE all the way up…. A Queen knows that some are off in the give and take… but that don’t mean she gotta get treated rough… Stand up stand in… Your heart my LOVE thats the portal… Its about YOU and all your dreams… The fancy and the formal…. Go in seek in… ask it write it… be open to learn…. the support YOU are seeking is inside of YOU….pick up that internal phone… 

Being a Queen is never seeking LOVE from a man… YOU know what your heart wants Queen YOU gotta be your very OWN #1 FAN!!!! 

I KNOW there is that Queen inside of each and every one of us… I share the do do I go through to show YOU its all just in the name of LOVE… Only LOVE is real my darling…..we don’t have to settle for anything less… Tune all the way in when your happy… Tune all the way in when your stressed… Its a loyalty and honesty like YOU have never known.. if something feels off at all YOU have to know YOU can make it on your own… Being fully supported by the all that is YOU can’t have any expectations… Even when people are hating YOU have to know YOU are fully supported by the all… People only notice when your LOVE is glowing tall… Keep focused Queen stay graceful… focus on the peace that is in your heart….it is your connection… your unique form of art…. 

I AM thankful to know some of the most amazing people… really digging deep to the gold.. Believe me EYE see YOU I LOVE YOU….I KNOW that YOU are bold… This self LOVE is some of the hugest stuff… But I wouldn’t change a second… I focused on my foundation…. and stayed up in my beautiful visions… YOU can too its just up to YOU… what is the baggage that YOU carry? Learn to let it go… find the balance that your heart desires.. I KNOW it seems so scary…. Ask for the LOVE YOU need… know YOU are supported… A Queens heart will always know deep in her heart she is very important ❤

Speak your heart
feel it all 
be around what YOU LOVE 
eat well
learn new things
experience different things 
trust in 
pay attention to the GOD WINKS 
are your intensions pure 
what is an intention 
its the internal voice of YOU 
YOU chose the journey 
it seemed fun
the mission is in your heart
YOU have the fuel
connections everywhere 
the more YOU trust the more YOU see 
YOU are divine 
mistakes don’t matter 
go forward 
every chance to start fresh 
always check in 
take care of YOU 
get outside 
dream huge 
learn to receive the vision
at first it seems way beyond YOU 
YOU LOVE YOU and its there
never settle 
take the parts to create the vision 
leave all YOU don’t want 
thoughts create 
what YOU think is what YOU get 
Sex is sacred 
your heart is sacred 
they are very connected 
there is a lesson in rejection 
there is comfort in abandonment 
the old can change 
dis-ease is energetic 
pain is energy misplaced
we hold a lot we are unaware of 
this raise in vibration is pretty massive 
A broken heart is a heart attack
LOVE can bring YOU back to life 
YOU are worth every move 
YOU already know it in your heart what could YOU have to prove
give & receive 
seek value… don’t seek gold
the gold is what you are surrounded in 
YOU are mimicking all that YOU have been told 
LOVE is a wave 
ebb and flow
in and out 
LOVE is out for your very best
and pinched off when YOU pout 
LOVE is loyal
honest to the core 
LOVE is a homies and so much more 
LOVE is trust in the internal vibration
I LOVE you all trust that YOU are OK
know EYE send YOU LOVE in every single way

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