Dear King

Dear Masculine, sweet King, the strength, the sun! I see the LOVE in that heart. I see all the hurt YOU are trying to overcome. I had a horrific dream, but it means YOU getting involved in your feelings. I know this isn’t easy to YOU but trust me feeling is healing. 

In my dream, my daughter and I were enjoying a day at the beach. She was building castles in the sand, I was close by walking in the sea. I felt a little tap against my foot. I looked down and it was a lifeless little boy. He was under the water. Stripped of all his youthful joy. I scooped him up so quick, dragged his body up on land. I didn’t know what to do, I was so afraid but his life was in my hands. I yelled for help but no one seemed to notice, so I went straight to work. I took a huge breath and poured it into his mouth… As I pumped his chest i felt a sudden surge. He began to cough the water up immediately.. As soon as he caught his breath he began to cry… I held him tight to my chest…as I whispered to him that everything is going to be alright. The police were questioning his parents… yet no one was checking on him… He was supposed to be strong… he knew how to swim… Not his mother or his father came rushing to his aid… they were only trying to explain. He was so afraid. He knew to be safe at the beach they said, they came there most of the days… In disbelief I just kept pumping him LOVE, I could feel him warming up….the sun was lighting up his face. I kept humming a song into his ear, until he was strong enough to stand up… Dad did all the explaining, he wouldn’t let the mother speak up.. YOU could see the fear in her eyes..she was riddled with terror…She could just barely breath. I could feel her entire heart shatter. But it wasn’t her place to step in, it was her son, a situation for men. Dad tapped the young boy on his shoulder, your OK boy… get up and shake it off… take a walk in the sand… His little legs tried the best they could…Tru brought him over some water and a towel… I had two best friends not make it out of the water… all my heart could do was just smile… By the end of the dream The boy, Tru, and I were splashing in the water… His body was all the way back to life… the air filled with the beautiful sounds of laughter… 

So I lost two very special men in my life… one to the sea one to the river… this dream really fucked me up… when I woke up from this for a few hours my body just shivered… What does this all mean… to me and everyone else… I knew that this was deep… I knew it was spirit guiding me deeper into myself… I know being fully emerged in the sea, is an energetic symbology of the mothers womb… But my heart couldn’t stop thinking of the men that I lost… they had kids… to me it felt way to soon! 

With all of these emotions flooding my body… I knew I had to nurture myself.. So I looked into the spiritual meaning of dreams of drowning, and it definitely provided some help…

For about 10 years I’ve had this fear of drowning…it was intense, but came from a logical space… Two men in my life that I LOVED so very much, and now I will never see their face. This fear is linked with getting to involved with our own feelings… A deep fear that if we do we will lose ourselves…I want to tell YOU King I know this feeling so well… its deep inside me as well. The ocean is emotions, the subconscious mind is screaming for help! Somethings are hard to process King. I know all too well how not being noticed felt. Drowning in dreams means being bashed with hurtful words or actions.. YOU were just a sweet young boy… taught to toughen up and make things happen. Emotional undertow, at such a very young age. Divine masculine please know I LOVE all of YOU. I have also felt all this rage… We all have fears and traumas, that we are processing the best we can… YOU met me at my favorite place… a divine message on the sand… The ongoing stress in life can eat at YOU…I know YOU feel at times that YOU are struggling just to survive..Trying to find your true identity… The mask YOU wear is only to hide. I know its hard for YOU to relate to others… we are all one we are connected.. Please believe me YOU are divine… even though YOU felt so neglected.. YOU have an internal world of instincts, that YOU were taught to ignore… How to I know this… cause I was raised to be tough like a boy! I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU all of YOU… I know this pain runs deep… trust your healing is happening… please let yourself rest and nurture your needs… 

This is emotional rebirth King! Bringing YOU back to the mothers womb. YOU survived all the turmoil. And others were gone too soon… I see this as another chance at life… please feel safe to let down your guard. I know YOU are going through some heavy stuff.. I know it feels so hard…. Your parents see they LOVE YOU King… they were just raising YOU as they were told. Drowning is symbolic to endings… all of that is over please let your heart unfold. The people don’t really much notice.. they are stuck in their own worlds… but together we can change this for our littles… raise up some LOVING guys and girls… for us to do this we must face all we feel.. and come to ONLY LOVE IS REAL! This dream came to me so I could encourage YOU to jump in YOU and just feel… YOU don’t have to say anything… its OK to cry….you have been so strong… but the feelings are what have been tapping at YOU….feeling is never wrong… I LOVE YOU King I see you are strong… but I see YOU really just want LOVE… I AM sorry for any time I ever treated YOU bad. Please feel my energetic hug… Please know Divine Masculine, we are healing together… YOU are the KING to my Queen… please know as YOU are working on YOU… I AM working on me… 

As the vibration rises, it will get easier and easier I swear… Please know that I LOVE YOU for all that YOU are. MY LOVE was always there… in this great time we get the chance to heal up.. and live a life so full of LOVE… please if YOU ever feel that YOU are alone… just ask for signs from up above… this feeling stuff is work sweet LOVE… I get it because its tough on me… but we are being pushed to face all the feelings we tucked so deep inside.. to set us emotionally free… I LOVE YOU King I honor YOU… I respect the path YOU are on… I only want for YOU the best… please lean in on the heart of God whenever YOU are feeling stressed or alone… as YOU let go of these feelings, and find forgiveness…YOU will see new things arise… it is to check and see if YOU are going to do it with your heart… or put your mask on and just hide… there is no right way in any of this… it is an unfolding of YOU for the greatest good… YOU are spiritually hungry… and there is an abundance of soul food… YOU can’t do this for anyone else.. this has to be special for yourself. Please ask spirit to guide YOU and be open to receive the help.. I will pray LOVE all over YOU… I will think and speak LOVE to all the Kings… Please know that the angels are cheering YOU on.. as YOU continue to face the hurt in YOU they sing… Its only a quiet hum in your ear… to give YOU comfort to continue… no one else can hear it sweet LOVE…its such a subtle innuendo. YOU are divine under all that hurt… This is the unconditional LOVE mission… In your heart there are dreams…. and the vision to your mission… I LOVE YOU because YOU are me… in observing YOU i learned to see us as reflections… Everything YOU feel I feel… there is so much LOVE even in rejection… The unconditional LOVE in me only wants the best for YOU…. SO my prayer today is that YOU have the strength to put your heart into every single thing YOU do… 

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