LOVE to the world

Today I pray God showers the world with Unconditional LOVE.  Fill each person up from the inside, and pour down like golden rain from way up above.  This Unconditional LOVE brings peace, joy, bliss, and much excitement.  On a day like today when we all remember the real world, and how it can seem so frightening.  Fear is only an illusion, to keep us in the box.  To forget who we were created to be, to keep us feeling lost.  I am learning only LOVE is real. And YOU begin to see that when YOU face those fears eye to eye.  Trusting in God is riding the wave of LOVE, not falling into the stone heart to hide.  We are all afraid to LOVE, fearful of being hurt or rejected.  But the lack of LOVE in your life will leave YOU feeling neglected.  Please cover the world in your beautiful protection.  Let them all live life from their hearts.  Learning that they get all they are projecting.  Please fill up the parents, fill up everyone who feels lost.  The LOVE of God is free, please let them release the illusion it comes with a cost.  God is the peace, the light, and the way. Please release all the fears that make people think they aren’t good enough to pray.  Its quite simple, ask and it is given.  YOU are greatness YOU just forgot.  Ask to learn what YOU need to know…ask to show YOU how to lift your vibration to the top.  Please God help them to release their fears, give it all to Mother Earth.  She recycles it all into the most beautiful things.  Then she will fill YOU up with pure LOVE, Unconditional worth.  I get it we have all been through so much and we can at times think we are silly not to hold onto all of that.  But the weight of the pain is heavy, and it can have YOU feeling flat.  We are all light beings. The fear and pain weighs us down.  Let them know YOU never left YOU have always been around.  The peace that I feel from the connection to this energy, is truly heaven on Earth.  In every person, place,or conversation I see so much synergy…Gods LOVE helped me see my true worth.  Please God let us all drop the illusion, and see that we are forever beings.  Here with a mission to live from the heart.  And live all the dreams we have kept so secret in our minds.  Our dreams are real, follow them to freedom.  Each person needs such different things to heal, they each need to see something different.

Please show them in your special way, YOU are very real.

Thank YOU thank YOU thank YOU – and so it is!

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