Thank YOU thank YOU thank YOU … for the power inside ME!  Getting deep inside myself …vulnerability!! Thank YOU for this passion.. Thank YOU for all of the magic.. Thank YOU that our internal vibration – is what makes it happen!! I LOVE YOU because YOU are me.. And I LOVE me so much you can tell!  The hurts the heals.. the gifts the teachers….Guided by the feels and the smells LOL!! Thank YOU I have learned to upgrade my honor of my temple and my spirit !  Thank YOU for teaching me to GO IN anytime I feel I need a little help!! Thank YOU for teaching me how to hear it!! Thank YOU for inspiration..Thank YOU for fueling my fire!! I absolutely LOVE that my work is even better than being retired!! Thank YOU for all YOU do!! Thank YOU for the pure golden LOVE YOU give!! Thank YOU for every wonderful connection!! Thank YOU for this beautiful life I live..  Miracles everyday most perplexing!! It gets better everyday!! Keep your vibrations UP UP UP!! YOU are powerful in many ways!! Thank YOU for my gladiator… thank YOU for my team!! Thank YOU for feeling what it really feels to live out the life that YOU have dreamed… Thank YOU for my path thank YOU for my journey… everything is everything… get under the surface!! Thank YOU that it was me the whole time… thank YOU for the times that I didn’t see….your mistakes make your entire journey exquisite!! When YOU learn to go under them then YOU can be free!! I LOVE you and I honor YOU… YOU are me I am YOU we are them… Thank YOU for teaching me that I can make billions, cause I AM worth that!! Thank YOU for teaching me to jump in the wave and be ready to swim… Always floating on purpose… Thank YOU for teaching me that I can create the life of my dreams… Thank YOU that I can live the life I most desire… I am thankful for every single thing that is inside just waiting on YOU to go in to INSPIRE!!  Thank YOU for support… thank YOU for encouragement and motivation!! Thank YOU that when YOU vibrate out of this world… YOU can even be subjected to the hatin.   I LOVE how this works… Thank YOU for the life of no control… Thank YOU for Help the Helpers…balance and self control!!  Thank YOU for inspiration… Thank YOU for divine timing… Thank YOU for all from deep in the earth up past the crown…. All that is above… below can also be found… The light and the dark.. the yin and the yang!! Beautiful is everything!! Let that vibration sang!!  Thank YOU for deliberate creation…. Health, Wealth, Family, Success, Fun, Bliss, Joy, LOVE, passion, purpose, beautiful, wonderful, greatness, amazing, strong, soft, brilliant, creative, expressive, traveling, worldwide, LOVE tribe, holistic, energy, healing vibrations, exhilaration……….Thank YOU thank YOU thank YOU!!  Use words that fill YOU up!!!!  Thank YOU for the simplicity!!  Release what YOU don’t need and let LOVE fill YOU up!!


#SaraRichardson #alwaysthinkup #ms528 #billions #worthIT #LOVEyou #selfLOVE #healing #chakras

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