Thank YOU’s move things

Thank YOU thank YOU thank YOU!  Freedom is my right.  Thank YOU for what YOU fill me with.  Thank YOU for vibes so high.  Its like everyday is a flight.  Thank YOU for a never normal life, feet on the ground….roots planted!  Always connected below and above.  Thank YOU for showing me to never take a single moment for granted.  Thank YOU for working with me, on me, and through me.  Its like through the entire process YOU were the only one who really knew me.  Thank YOU for pushing me and pulling me.  Teaching me to live in this faith.  That everything is divine, and LOVE is a wave.  Thank YOU for showing me how important those tiny thoughts are up in my head.  Thank YOU for my home, my car, the heater, and my bed.  Thank YOU for every experience.  Thank YOU for forgiving that and encouraging this.  Thank YOU for all the motivation.  Thank YOU for all the glory and bliss.  Thank YOU for knowing the truths that fill my heart.  Thank YOU that everything is a LOVE story, and that’s my favorite part.  Thank you for my health.  Thank you for my daughter, my family, and friends.  Thank YOU for this happiness –  that has no beginning or end.  Thank YOU for this state of peace.  Thank YOU for my mind.  Thank YOU for teaching me, that everything happens right on-time.  Thank YOU for electric foods, that help to fuel the temple.  Thank YOU for all YOU do through me.  I AM a reflection of YOU – an example.  Thank YOU for every single moment.  Every breath I will breathe and give thanks.  We are totally protected by all that ever was.  Thank YOU for showing me that the only thing that really matters out here is LOVE!

I AM thankful for just right now, then I give a couple thank you’s in advance!     When YOU fill your life up with thank you’s.  It aligns YOU in many different ways.  Your vibration is the key to the most magical days.  YOU can inspire the world with thank you’s.  YOU get over there I’ll get over here.  Something so simple and silly…just thank YOU thank YOU thank YOU.  Can ease doubt, and take away fear.

All that we have to do is fall in LOVE with ourselves.  These thank YOU’s could really help YOU, its just an energy exchange.  Thank YOU’s carry the LOVE frequency, that vibration makes things have to change.  We are all connected.  Really every single ONE.  Just give a little thank YOU!  It can make life so fun!

I just gave 33 Thank YOU’s…….im sure that YOU can find just one!


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