LOVE YOU more!

The one thing in life that YOU need to make sure.  Is that YOU are totally in LOVE with yourself.  I get it looking outside for guidance.  But trust me only whats on the inside can help.  Tune into the way that YOU feel, in every moment of your life.  If something doesn’t feel good, tune into what does.  Keep your vibes up high like a kite.  Each of us is uniquely different.  But LOVE can fit us each just fine.  Fall in LOVE with yourself.  The way YOU wish a partner would.  If YOU dont know how to LOVE YOU, how do YOU expect another could?  There are many ways to LOVE yourself.  My advice is ride out the 528.  It fills YOU up with unconditional LOVE at the same time YOU are clearing your sacred space.

#SaraRichardson #alwaysthinkup #iuuradio #LOVEyou #528 #vibehigh #unconditionalLOVE #selfLOVE #eatLOVE #sleepLOVE #wakeupgreat #speakLOVE #thinkLOVE


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