Always being guided..test it!

Faith is something that we can not see.  The situations can seem against us.  Always Think Up to me is a simple way to explain faith.  Thinking all positives and going inside to trust.  We are each surrounded by divine guides.  Seeing the greatest things about us at all times.  When we feel like we … Continue reading Always being guided..test it!

LOVE YOU more!

The one thing in life that YOU need to make sure.  Is that YOU are totally in LOVE with yourself.  I get it looking outside for guidance.  But trust me only whats on the inside can help.  Tune into the way that YOU feel, in every moment of your life.  If something doesn't feel good, … Continue reading LOVE YOU more!

What is normal?

Life is what YOU make of it.  What are YOU expecting?  Fall in LOVE with all of YOU, work on accepting the things YOU are rejecting.  Life can come at us fast sometimes.  Acceptance can help YOU LOVE YOU more!  Its all about the journey.  On the 528 we never keep score.  We are all … Continue reading What is normal?