Magical Monday to YOU all!


There is magic all over the place.  Really everywhere YOU look.  There is magic in a conversation and even in a book.  Magic in the air and light.  Christ concious magic is all over energetic balance.  There is magic right in front of your face.  Pure white LOVE up in every single challenge.  Every single day….pay attention to every NOW…  YOU get exactly what you think!!   But it is YOU that decides what happens.  LOVE will send YOU little LOVE winks!  YOU can choose to see all the magic…  or look the other way.  LOOK into this river and breathe in the LOVELY message she conveys.  Let her fill YOU with power… and take away all YOU dont need.   For the divine gave us natural water….to properly nourish our seeds..

I LOVE YOU and I honor YOU!  I see magic all over the place. Balance out your energy field.  The brightest rainbow is the perfect space!

Start at the root and anchor yourself….. disconnect from outside distraction …imagine the the purest gold running down on YOU….YOU gotta just let the LOVE it make it all happen…. take a few deep breaths in your nose and out your mouth….go inside, connect, and scan. Know that if YOU are living in the most authentic LOVE… be patient in LOVE all of YOU the best way you can!  If you feel any tensions…breathe a little extra in that space….take deep breaths in and out….let all the LOVE just replace….the empty space from letting go…of anything that YOU no longer need.  Just be the magic the #528…the wave of abundance, LOVE, and peace!  Breathe all that white energy all the way up…feel it swirl all around your body.  Then breathe it out any tension, or friction, let go of all YOU dont want!  Take that all the way up to the top…. breathe in and out way up there, and hold it in for a sec… I LOVE YOU and cherish all of YOU…. Ill share a secret with is absolutely divine….. there is magic in the way I see the sacredness of sexual energy …I feel it in my base and I also breathe it up my spine… sexual energy it creates… it gives power to your ideas.  I know this because I practice this.  I AM a sacred sexual being!  It is great to fall in LOVE with YOU…and fall in LOVE with all of your sex!  I never felt better in my life, until I connected my sex to the divine!  Release any chords stuck to YOU….clear out your entire space….disconnect as much as is needed….. sex is a wonderful divine escape!  The working up of the sex space and connecting it to up above…. I do this for creation and the assistance of the purest LOVE!  The thoughts YOU think are magic…what if I told YOU your imagination is real.  That YOU attract all that YOU think… and faster how YOU feel….I LOVE YOU and I LOVE what makes YOU different… everyone is special on this here LOVE mission.  Create all YOU wish for and do it for the good…. I AM out here with my very own vision…. the purest LOVE for all LIGHT FOOD!  In raw fruits and veggies is magic…It helps one to connect.  The divine will sometimes guide YOU in ways that YOU would never expect.  Go inside and LOVE yourself.. the answer is always there…. sometimes we always get it… and sometimes we feel like we dont care…. there is magic in every day… every minute and every second.  There is magic when YOU are apart and so very connected.  There is magic in every breath… there is magic in every single beat of the heart… YOU were placed this special magic inside of YOU… from the start of the start!  I LOVE YOU LOVE YOU all of YOU!  I hope YOU can feel all the LOVE… the 528hz will help YOU jump in… Always always follow inside of YOU… Always Think Up there is guidance all over and above!

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