She is LOVE

When she dances in the LOVE its really most amazing.  She hasn’t always been this way, LOVE changed her heart in ways most crazy and fascinating.  Through her journey, on her path. of this creation we call life.  She would always look back to go forward.  Reflecting on things that happened and let that get her hype.  For both the mistakes and the advancements that moved her forward.  To her they were all made of LOVE, each special and unique.  They all were needed in this special order.  As she tried this wave out, and came back to her feet.  Each day she became more empowered and enlightened.  Then the spiritual ego would come in and the wave would crash down.  The power that she felt inside her self sometimes would have her frightened.  But deep in her she knew that this LOVE was always around.  God to her is energy…… frequency of LOVE.  The moon is here to help her change.  The water gives her a motherly shove.  The wind it sings a song to her.  Fire fills her up with LOVE.  LOVE has broken her completely down.  Slowly unraveled all of her mess, just to fill her back up.  Breaking apart to come back together new, is really just all a part of the process.  She looks back to fling forward in abundance.  She can feel the truth and nothing or no one is going to stop this.  She used to be filled with fear and resistance.  With many people and many situations.  But now LOVE pushes her forward with persistence.  She is emphatic and didn’t even know it.  Until she looked back and realized the vibrations she was in-taking.  She is not perfect, but sees any challenge as growth.  Very tuned into the vibration of LOVE now everything she thinks and feels is a creation worth creating.  Fear and resistance they can rest no more in her.  This LOVE stuff is really the truth.  How does she know that the truth is in LOVE.  Because I am her, she is YOU, we are proof! YOU are ALL Enlightened Masters, the AWAKENED, YOU feel this the way that you see.  The LOVE that came and rocked her world is just trying to be flying free.  The things that happen to us all are not to have us sitting around sad.  When she fell in LOVE inside herself.  When she felt that vibration, she learned she wanted to get out of it and had to act fast.  She learned things were happening for her, not to her as some sort of curse.  Anything that hurt her, was pushing her toward how much she was spiritually worth.  Sometimes we make not so great decisions, and they can affect many, or maybe just you.  But everything means something in LOVE… she knows now that YOU have to learn this and your way is most sacred to YOU.  YOU have a special connection and language with this LOVE.  She knows the vibration is lifting way up, and people are having to change their commitments.  But she also knows that the things that are changing, are doing so because of the vibration shifting.  She finally noticed her own patterns, now she calls herself out.  YOU make your changes no one else can do it for you.  The day that she saw magic everywhere.  Was the day she fully fell in LOVE with herself with out a doubt!  There are special things on this wave she just jumped in. Things that she thought of come effortlessly.  Taking note to be around people that take care of their vibration.  And the man that brought her this seed of light, thought himself too brand new and not advanced enough to teach.  Teach her the truths that get her excited.  Reminding her of things so very simple.  People need other people.  Let that be the example.  Then they spoke about levels.  There are really none in the 5d.  People just need other people.  To grow and to LOVE and be free.  Eye am not better than YOU, and YOU are not better than her, we are all LOVE you see.  OUR advice is to LOVE extremely in the now moments.  Let the moon help you let go of old commitments.  So YOU can just live your LOVE so full and free.  She breathes in a bright white light of faith mixed with LOVE.  That helps her to feel safe and protected.  When she is unsure where this LOVE wave is taking her.  Not knowing what is next can sometimes feel hectic.   She believes in divine timing, now she doesnt feel panic.  She knows now that everything happens exactly when it needs to happen.  She is us and YOU are them.  Take care of your vibration……life is kinda like float or swim!