Water your seeds with LOVE & light


And watch them babies grow.  Even at my Earthly lowest, I learned to listen inside to the way that I should go.  It didn’t fit any “social norm” It pretty much made no sense at all.  But LOVE was always right there for me… I promise I have had many falls.  Healing is real my friends… and the light is the key.  I have seen it most of my days for many years now……we really do attract all that we need.  The one special thing that I have learned.  Is when you are asking, learn to listen.  We are not just here for nothing yall…. We are on an Earth mission.  I used to try to physically help, everyone and in every way that I can.  But when it really got tough, then I was exhausted.  All my greatness was useless when things hit the fan.  This is called a burn out guys….. And it happens from not LOVING YOU!  YOU are the one that has to fill YOU back up…..how YOU feel is your number 1 clue!  There are so many beautiful ways to experience healing, just ask out on your search.  The vibrations are out here lifting up…there are healing’s from a distance, in the streets, and in the church… I never realized until I was balanced…I didn’t used to have very much self worth.  I would give and give all of me…. and wouldn’t plug back up to the Earth, to get in tuned with myself.  When you first begin to face that person.  YOU may see some things that you really don’t like.  Spirit sometimes can make you think NAW…….then ego comes in like hey hey think this…. Following that unexplained pull inside of me…..is rolling my life out in bliss.  Faith has really rocked my world…for as long as I can remember.  I had a desire for wellness…..I wanted PEACE on the inside….so I sat a while with some amber.  And learned that there was so much LOVE and growth, in learning to put my pride aside.  I put LOVE into myself…. and I put LOVE into my tribe…. I learned that you attract what you think and feel on the inside.  Sometimes its from the place you work.  Or even your best friend.  Did you ever just be around that negative energy… that you were wondering when will it end… You attract all you need to learn…. you attract all you need to thrive.  Are you out here really living…….or only trying to survive?  Don’t let anyone sell out your dreams for YOU…. Please continue to create what is in your mind and in your heart.  Put in extra time and over time…. me I keep it simple…peace was my work of art!  I have put in work for peace….. and I am thankful for every single moment.  Every single teacher, all of my friends…….the LOVE for my fears once I learned to own it.  The seeds that I have planted…. I kept nurtured with LOVE and light… I put in over time and double time…..And now I am seeing my fruit has grown most divine… The Earth will fill YOU up with LOVE…. balance your chakras…..the body knows how to heal…. now I know that I can throw YOU out LOVE….. and check inside to see how I feel.  It is YOU that has to do the work… Just like I had to do.  Healing is not always easy my friends… but energetic balance is the TRUTH.  I am thankful for my journey… Every moment makes me smile.  To think what I have been through… LOVE filled me up like wow!  I LOVE you LOVE you all of YOU ❤ I am so grateful to everyone… Today my very first program rolls out…. and it is time to have some fun!


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