Happy 1st Birthday Always Think Up!

I LOVE you all and I am so very thankful… my words could never really describe… but you all mean the most to me …you deserve to hear it…so I will give it my very best try.  Always Think Up started this week ..just only ONE year ago.  All I do is pump out LOVE… and this tribe just continues to grow.  This stuff is for everyone….but everyone is exactly where they need to be.  I wasn’t able to pump out LOVE this way…when I wasn’t fully in LOVE with me… I LOVE you all of you, I cherish every bond.  Thank you for helping me prove to myself that sending out that 528Hz was like having a magic wand.  Even if you bumped up into me.. you helped me learn more about myself…. At the end of this year and the start of the next… My conclusion is… doesn’t matter what anything thinks of the ways you LOVE and cherish yourself…. The feelings deep inside are sacred… people take what they can grab… but they can not take the things that you will not let them have… having power in life is awesome… having power in LOVE is special… The LOVE I learned that it all comes from… is more than any unit of measure…

I have so many fun things in the works…. today I really just  broke free from the matrix… I have decided that my time is mine…I pump out too much LOVE and take steps in pure FAITH… thats how I am convinced that on the road of peace is where I will make it… This was something I wanted to do a year ago… maybe the past 5 if you really want to say… That is why I am sharing this all with you….people need other people… to grow and to pray… I got this deep drive down in the inside… to keep pumping out all of this LOVE… I have made so many friends, connections, and bonds….I have now made high vibration connections all over the world… and its all just LOVE…This tribe right here at Always Think Up gives me encouragement in every single way… to be my very best… and stay strong.. April 7th is the actual birthday…… We have talked about so very much… and there is still so much greatness to share and create… I LOVE the way we teach and grow… I LOVE the way we find the LOVE in hate.. Thank you all so much… I cant wait for all that is to come… Please know that even when I get busy… I am always sending LOVE out to everyone!  I LOVE you and I honor you…. I just want to see you fully embrace loving yourself… Please always know that I am right here… if you are ever needing any help….


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