Divine Time


When I tell you we are all connected, I tell you from my heart.  Every single one of us can feel this way, all of our energy plays a part.  We are so connected, sometimes we feel it as our pain.  Or as someone else’s thought, racing through your brain.  This is hard to wrap your mind around.  Its so deep and so divine.  God is so close to everyone of us, He is connected to our mind.  Your Spirit knows who you are, and that you are most great…Always there just cheering you on….encouraging all the LOVE to take place…Free will was something greater than… just free will to speak and live.  We have absolute free will in the thoughts that our minds give.  Meditation and prayer are powerful.  I practice most everyday.  Don’t let the words get you, talk up only what you want, make it fun…. do it as play.  The prayer is when you are asking, your looking for some Truth.  In meditation, you get your answer.  Its very subtle proof.  You can be real basic…or you can get down real deep… Prayer is something I do way more, than before I fall asleep…I LOVE to pray with my daughter….teach her how I like to connect…There is something way better than us out here…. She has to know why its always miracles that I expect.  I’m not looking to change anyone.  I honor all religion.  I also know that God is so gracious, that He will just come straight to you the way your livin….I am nothing major out here….with out tapping into this energy deep inside of me. It let me know how great I am….it helped me set my mistakes free…. Its a feeling of comfort for everything that I have experienced…It is more than just feeling what is right… it is the most magical thing to learn to hear it… I Always Think Up daily….grateful for all that is good.  I ask Papa sincerely…. to provide all of the hungry with food… I pray for all the homeless…anyone who feels left out and alone… I pray that we learn to lean up to God, and please quit creating these clones… I pray for everyone to learn how to get inside… there is magic inside of you….I pray that you can feel how connected we are….and how you create with the thoughts in your mind.  We were meant to be great!  We were all created with these particles….YOU are supposed to LOVE your life…. I want all your pathways to sparkle… Please know that you are perfect, just the way you are… know that there is more for you….and you dont have to go far. Know that energy is real…Pay attention to your nows… If you are asking questions….the nows will answer you with wow!  I dont know how to explain it….prayer and meditation have changed my life… I can send a question out from anywhere, and it gets me so hype!

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