About Sara

Sara Richardson is a Holistic Wellness Coach, Transformational Life Coach, Vibrational Alignment & Gut specialist. She is a full time mother and a cheerleader for the Divine! Specializing in holistic healing through integrated bodywork sessions, balancing energy, and fully connecting Mind, Body, and spirit. She has studied healing and dis-ease for 15 years. Through her own very personal experiences. While under the care of a hard core holistic healer & Chiropractor Dr. Richard Visone. Sara experienced her very own serious and personal, physical, and spiritual healing of her own. With great direction and guidance from such an amazing mentor and friend she decided to dive into the healing arts of all sorts, keeping a focus on the mind. Sara has studied terrible dis-ease and all that comes with that diagnosis. She knows personally what it feels like to feel like there is no hope. Sara has learned the power in positive thinking and the ways that it changes your life.